How to get a liquor sponsor

Getting a liquor sponsor doesn’t mean finding someone to stop you from having another shot of vodka. That is a different kind of sponsor. For event planners, getting a liquor sponsor for an event can be a great way to keep costs down and increase attendance. But getting one of these offers is definitely not easy (unless you have a […]

Roast some excellent shiitake mushrooms

An indoor grill is a great way to prepare all kinds of food. Did you know that you can make great tasting shiitake mushrooms in just a few minutes of your time? Grab your favorite open-style indoor grill, be it a George Foreman grill or any other brand, and some shiitake mushrooms around 8 ounces each. This recipe works best […]

Biospheres: reproduction of planet Earth

Dorion Sagan 1990 paperback Biospheres: reproduction of planet Earth (McGraw-Hill Publishing, ISBN 0-553-28883-0) does more than offer a unique insight into the planet’s life support system. It also challenges the traditional view of humanity as the dominant feature of life on Earth. Perhaps that is no less than what should be expected of the offspring of astronomer Carl Sagan and […]

Why Having a Crowdfunding PR Media Strategy is Important to Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding PR and why it is important for campaigns. Crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo have collectively raised more than $ 1 billion for project creators. Hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding campaign projects are launched each year. So what does this mean for the founders? More competition for attention and more noise than ever to try to break through. Crowdfunding […]

How to fix a preview driver surrogate host error

By following a series of procedures, a “prevhost” application error can be resolved. Since it can interrupt the processes of some programs and even infect them with viruses or malware, which can cause program or system instability, it poses a threat to your operating system. As some would agree, you should get such a bug fixed right away. Otherwise, your […]

Online video games: a world of their own

Online video games are one of the fastest growing areas in interactive entertainment and are designed primarily to acquire leads. These games are considered excellent advertising strategies for video game companies. These games are also deterioration free. These games are not limited to just those based on traditional video games and are on our computers, televisions, and even cell phones. […]

3 Overlooked Exercises That Really Kick Your Cellulite Butt

Random fact: having liposuction can increase the size of your breasts. Seriously. According to a study in Dermatological surgery43% of participating women experienced breast expansion after liposuction. Later, thirty percent of these girls had to go to Nordstrom’s and start buying bras one cup size larger. But if the possibility of sudden breast swelling doesn’t make liposuction any more tempting […]