Waterproofing Base: What Are Your Options?

If you are going to build a new house, you need to waterproof the foundation so you don’t have a wet basement in just a few years. There are different waterproofing products and systems on the market, so it can really get confusing. So what are your options? Here is a brief overview of the most common foundation waterproofing systems […]

Need for LA: Middle infielders need more than half a season to work together on a championship team

Across the baseball world, writers and experts applaud the Dodgers acquisitions. At the trade deadline, Los Angeles landed two veteran All-Stars to improve their midfielder, in the hope that this duo would lead last year’s National League champions to their first World Series title since 1986. Brian Dozier, who recently set a record for home runs by a second baseman, […]

I Can’t Do It: Why So Few Hope to Discover and Maintain a Wellness Lifestyle

INTRODUCTION Over the years, I have collaborated with an eminent Australian scholar (Dr. Grant Donovan of Perth) in conducting research on lifestyle change. Our work has focused on understanding whether adults are more than 50/50 likely to benefit from efforts to improve their lifestyles. Our randomized, double-blind, crossover, horizontal, and worthy trials have explored a simple but profound question that […]

Planning your kitchen remodel

Planning your kitchen remodel If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, there are several things to consider before you begin. Below are a series of steps and guides you can take into account to make your kitchen remodel a fun-filled and constructive event. A basic plan A well thought out detailed plan is a must before you start remodeling […]

Mindset: a summary

Dr. Carol S. Dweck was challenged by her student to write a book on the results of years of her research study. Dr. Carol S. Dweck seized the opportunity and wrote this book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success and How We Can Learn to Reach Our Potential” in the hope that it will help the common human to understand […]

Cole Porter Song "True love"

“True Love” was written by Cole Porter and played by Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly in the 1955 film, “High Society,” which also starred Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. “True Love” was the first and only gold record for Grace Kelly and it was the twenty-first gold record for Bing Crosby. The song stayed on the charts for 22 weeks, […]