Maintenance of refrigeration, cold rooms and freezers

Most refrigerators and walk-in freezers seem virtually indestructible and trouble-free, but you’ll get a longer life by following these safety and maintenance tips. Clean door seals and hinges regularly. Door gaskets, made of rubber, can rot more easily if they are covered in food or dirt, weakening their sealing properties. They can be safely cleaned with a solution of baking […]

Make the perfect pie crust

The pie crust forms the base of many sweet and savory dishes, from apple pies to mince pies. As such, it’s very important to master the art of making the perfect pie crust, for which the following tips should help. Use only cold ingredients No matter what type of cake you’re making, cold ingredients are the key to making it […]

Top Five Tips for Writing Effective Video Scripts

Video scripts bring any produced web video to life. Its absence may result in your viewers not knowing your exact message. While they may resemble commercial scripts for television or movies in some ways, they are totally different from both. The process of writing these pieces is also distinct from academic or technical writing. Although the writer will not need […]

Africa’s first breakthrough by a writer: Nigerian primary school graduate Amos Tutuola

by Amos Tutuola palm wine drinker it has the distinction of being the first African novel to have achieved international recognition. Acclaimed English poet Dylan Thomas was the one who influenced its critical reception through an early rave review. The resulting attention gave Tutuola’s book cult status in the West. But at home, Tutuola’s fellow Nigerians were initially embarrassed. Many […]

Low Carb Foods to Include in Your Diet

Thanks to all the fitness and yoga campaigns, health has become a priority for people as it should have been a long time ago. Many people are taking small but safe steps into the fitness zone, and many are already on the path to a healthy heart. Diet plays an important role in maintaining your health. People now prefer low-carb […]

Six massage techniques to remove scar tissue

Many people have at least one scar on their body, whether from a cut, burn, or surgical incision. Since most scars usually blend with the skin, many people who have them may not even remember they exist, and probably don’t think they can cause any harm. Depending on the severity of the wound, a scar can impede circulation to the […]

Kindle ebook reader all the way

The age of electronic gadgets evolves day by day and most of them have become an integral part of our lives. Gone are the days when you used to take her favorite great novel with you during a long distance trip. Now you can read not just one, but all of his favorite books on this amazing eBook reader called […]