Reservation of plane tickets

So, are you going to travel by plane? Obviously, you’ll need to bring a few things to make the trip exciting and hassle-free. This includes your documents and in addition to your passport, your ticket is very, very important. It is common to make a reservation in advance of your intended travel date and there are options to select from […]

kitchen cabinet costs

When planning your kitchen remodel, kitchen cabinets will give you immediate visual appeal, provide functionality, but can also be the biggest cost. Regardless of what your remodeling budget is, the cabinet could easily be half of that expense. As we wander through the cabinet section of the store, it appears that they are just large boxes with doors. However, we […]

Campervan Holidays in New Zealand: A Guide to Touring New Zealand in Motorhomes and Motorhome Rentals

A New Zealand campervan holiday is arguably the best way to experience this popular tourist destination; from stunning coastlines, rivers and forests to secluded mountain passes, all within easy reach of the independent traveler. Travel distances are relatively small and the landscape is constantly evolving, making for a fun and unforgettable motorhome holiday. The freedom of independence opens the door […]

Mystery Shopping in the B2B segment: an overlooked service

Mystery shopping has traditionally been viewed as a B2C instrument for measuring customer service levels. However, this service is also invaluable in the B2B industry. In this industry, the stakes are higher: It’s hard to lose customers, but when those customers are large corporations, the impact of such loss is more significant. In the B2C sector, consumer purchases are driven […]

Remove these useless words from your resume

Over the last 5 years as president of a company that helps clients start their job search and land their dream job, I have reviewed thousands of resumes. Since space is limited on your resume, every word must earn its place in this document due to its importance. Unfortunately, many resumes contain overused or ineffective words that do not add […]

How Many CEUs Does a Michigan Nurse Need?

CEUs Does a Michigan Nurse As a nurse, it is important to regularly update your nursing education and certification. However, not all states require CEUs. Some hospitals, for example, require specific numbers of hours per year. To find out, contact your unit educator or hospital. CEUs can be earned in several different ways. Nurses can take continuing education courses at […]

Weight Loss: Dos and Don’ts

Weight loss journeys are tough no matter where you start or how far you’ve come. At some point, most people have tried to lose weight and ended up giving up because they either stalled or received inadequate guidance. There are also seemingly endless weight loss gimmicks that advertise that they are the only thing you need to lose weight, which […]

Do you have an innovative attitude?

A quarter century ago, the US marketed 82 percent of the world’s inventions, but now it ranks behind several other countries in new product introductions. Additionally, the US has seen a 25 percent decline in patent filings (innovations) since the 1970s. Nearly half of US patents are now issued to foreigners. In short, the United States has experienced a decline […]

The temptation to defend

“Because you have been defense for the helpless, defense for the needy in his anguish, refuge against the storm, shade against the heat; because the breath of the implacable is like a rainstorm against the wall”. Isaiah 25:3 There are days when it feels like the battle is never over, when attacks on your reputation and credibility come at you […]

Buying and Selling Costs of Real Estate Transactions in Kenya

Unsurprisingly, there are several transactions involved in buying and selling property, which generate fees and taxes. In Kenya, you incur charges from the moment you start looking for viable investment companies. While some costs are stated, such as registration and required search fees, many costs associated with buying and selling real estate in Kenya are highly variable and are based […]