WordPress – The importance of SEO

In the age of web marketing, many blog writers and marketers have already discovered how effective WordPress can be. WordPress provides a simple and effective interface for managing, publishing, and keeping content up to date on your business website without the complexities inherent in many other content management systems in use today. WordPress goes above and beyond other blogging platforms […]

How do I decide the right price to buy a house?

You’ve heard the adage: profits are made when you buy the property. Simple, but powerful. Unfortunately, investors often forget that lesson and end up paying too much for properties. If I’m going to rehab a property and commit funds to that project, it’s critical that I know the right price to pay (and then buy below that number). The formula […]

SEO and how it can help you

Do you have a website but don’t know what to do with it? Have you ever heard of SEO? If you haven’t, you should look into it! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the number ONE factor that businesses should focus on for their website. What is SEO? SEO is how you rank in Google or how well your website is […]

A cover letter format indicates the essential elements that should be included in a cover letter

There are basic guidelines for cover letter format and following this can produce an effective and remarkable cover letter that will grab the attention of your prospective employee. The following is a basic format that you can adhere to when formatting your cover letter. Applicant Contact Details: Name Address City : Condition : Postal Code Phone number Email address Date […]

Note on Draft Simplified GST Declarations Approved by GST Council

GST Council has approved the GST refund design at its 27th meeting, however, the key features and drafted formats were approved at its 28th meeting. The main characteristics of these monthly returns would be: 1. Single monthly declaration for large taxpayers (20th day of the following month) 2. NIL quarterly returns and facility to submit quarterly returns by SMS. 3. […]