when a pet dies

Anyone who has ever been ‘adopted by’ a pet knows that special bond, that deep relationship that develops. They allow us to think that we ‘own’, and in some way in charge, but it’s still part of them to just worship us and play the game. they know the real game… just being present in the moment, and absolutely adore […]

Web Marketing Strategy Number 9: Social Media for Your Home Internet Business Opportunity

Social media as a web marketing strategy is all about building trust and relationships with your potential business partners. Social media is a great vehicle that allows your prospects the opportunity to get to know you on a personal level without any sales pressure. Potential business partners get a chance to watch you without feeling obligated to join your home […]

IBM Information Server 8.X (DataStage): architecture and its components

What is DataStage? An ETL tool to extract, transform and load the data in data mart or data warehouse It is used for data integration projects like data warehouse, ODS (Operational Data Store) and can connect to major databases like Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server etc. Designed ETL jobs can migrate across different environments, such as Dev, UAT, and Prod, […]