Budapest- "the city of statues"

Following the M-1 motorway in our rented Opel Vectra van, my mother, brother, sister and I sped into Budapest, “The Paris of the East”, a busy metropolis of 2 million people. Executing the “Latin style of driving technique,” as described in the “What You Need to Know” section of the Budapest Visitor’s Guide, “Driving in Budapest should never be approached […]

Write authentically, even breaking the rules

Crime and legal drama writers often struggle to develop authenticity in their stories. Authenticity is critical to keeping readers or viewers interested because they need to believe in your characters and your story. The world of criminal law has its own procedures, language, and rules. Knowing the rules of criminal law is essential to creating an authentic story. However, that […]

Can I represent myself against foreclosure fraud? Yes, it’s called Pro Se: “By Myself”

“DON’T FIGHT AGAINST THE PROBLEM… DECIDE IT” “George C Marshall” Nearly every borrower who contacted me about an impending or actual foreclosure believed it was imperative that they find an attorney to represent them in a foreclosure court action. For three years I believed the same thing. Many judges will suggest it so strongly that a borrower believes it is […]

Do you understand Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is a valuable skill, because it means that you know how to work with all kinds of people, understand them, and get along with them. Once you understand emotional intelligence, you can see the people around you who have it and those who don’t: at work, in politics, in the media, and in your neighborhood. The media uses […]

Daytona International Expressway

With white sand beaches and glorious waves, Daytona has always been a major tourist destination. But Daytona is famous among racing enthusiasts around the world as the home of the “Great American Race,” the Daytona 500. The race is the richest and most prestigious in the US The 480-acre complex is considered the Racing Center of the World and kicks […]