Selling Antiques on eBay: Is it a Dead End?

The basic idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčeBay is simple: it’s about connecting buyers and sellers within the exciting framework of an auction environment. Originally, it was a forum for people to trade or buy and sell items of relatively modest value. Over time, it grew and expanded into a major online auction site for just about anything you can think of, including […]

Alternatives to Robert’s Rules

Some people complain that Robert’s Rules are too complex to understand. Some people say that parliamentary procedure itself is too complex or too unfair. They say the act of “filing motions” and processing the “majority vote” shouldn’t require a million rules. Well guess what? It is not a monopoly. You can compare prices. If you don’t like the current edition […]

the colors of retirement

There are two colors for the retreat: gray and silver. What we assume about this stage of life is often the gray matter. That comes from what happened to mom and dad or grandpa. They retired and traveled. They retired and took up carpentry… or quilting… or golf. They withdrew and remained in the background compared to what was happening […]

The seven steps to get healthy and stay fit

Life is constantly expanding, just like we humans are, with our continual quest for better health and fitness. Today, there are countless new training methods that claim to be the best for maximum weight loss or the fastest ways to get a six pack. It’s endless, if one surfs the net, there are countless sites propagating numerous exercise routines, diet […]

The Gibson Flying V guitar – 10 interesting facts

Since its introduction, the Flying V electric guitar has gained many fans around the world. Its V-shaped body became ideal for the countless guitarists who like to stand out and who also like to pose when playing live. This guitar has been around a lot longer than some people realize, though it has undergone a design tweak or two in […]

Advantages of the London Underground

London is a massive destination and it is also a living museum with much to do and see. There is so much history, iconic architecture and art to be found in its busy streets that you need an organized itinerary to make your tour successful. The beauty and saving grace of touring London is the tube, taking the tube can […]

California Hard Money Lenders

There is a strong demand for housing in California. That’s the good news. The bad news is that few can afford it. The market has spiraled out of control, leaving investors thinking of other solutions. Many are turning to hard money lenders. The demand for housing in California. The California Association of Realtors says essentially all of California is freaking […]

Sale of satellite phones

Geostationary satellite phones versus satellite phones for civilian use Although satellite phones can be used for geostationary orbit connecting the entire world with just three or four satellites, the most popular civilian system is Inmarsat. The geostationary satellite phone requires a large antenna system to receive and transmit the signal. This makes the entire system inconveniently large and negatively affects […]