A review of the best quality dance pads for serious DDR players

Dance Dance Revolution has evolved to become one of the most fashionable games. There is a huge following and people are always looking forward to the next release. For people who have lived under a rock or in Amish areas, DDR is a game in which players dance to a song by following the beat and pressing arrows on the dance platform along with the arrows that appear on the screen. The Dance Pad you play on is very important. If you are a serious gamer or anticipate a lot of use, you should consider a top end pad. I’d like to provide you with the latest information on the best ear pads available.

The next review will cover the following Dance Pads …

  • ION Master
  • ION Pro
  • Energy arcade

First is the DDR ION Master Pad

After numerous sessions of design, engineering, prototyping and testing, the newly designed commercial grade iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad has finally arrived. Our goal is to develop the industry’s largest DDR arcade metal dance platform for both exercise and gaming. Tea iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad it is excellent for both beginners and aggressive advanced players; most importantly, the iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad It is designed for physical exercise players. The iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad uses advanced Soft Bounce technology; It is designed to extend the DDR game. Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) games require a heavy stomp and players can easily get fatigued. The soft bounce effect draws energy from your ankle, resulting in fewer footfalls on the rigid arrow panel. Now you can extend the DDR game, have longer exercises, and burn more calories at the same time.

Most importantly, the iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad is well designed in material and structure. Utilizing high-strength stretched metal, the iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad is significantly stronger and thicker, with weights distributed around the perimeter, the iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad has greater stability and longer life than any other pad metal dance in the market. Many metal pads on the market cannot absorb the heavy stomp, resulting in bent or cracked arrows. With all these great improvements, the iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad will be your best investment.

The iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad also has upgraded thick metal panels, which are now raised so you can feel your position on the metal dance floor. The raised buttons help those who tend to lose their positions on the dance platform and make their game even more accurate. Additionally, the handlebar of the iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad has been vastly improved and provides additional stability and durability. This is perfect for advanced and aggressive players. The iON Master Arcade is suitable for both commercial, school, recreational and home use facilities.

The iON Master Arcade Metal Dance Pad is a masterpiece for mastering the Dance Dance Revolution game.

Next is the ION Pro

This commercial grade metal iON Pro pad is manufactured with the brake through new Tapeswitch sensor technology. The Tapeswitch design is an extremely sensitive product for electronic sensing and signaling applications. This is a similar sensor technology used in the DDR Arcade Machine. The new iON pro metal pad is incredibly strong. Such an excellent quality metal pad is definitely the ideal solution for commercial or home use.

Next is the Energy Arcade

This amazing dance rig features super responsive technology, definitely no more lag with our new look design and offers a 3-in-one multi-platform plug that works perfectly with PS and PS2, Xbox and PC via USB. From complete beginners to seasoned experts, you can now experience a skill level that can match your abilities. Whether you are competing against the challenge of the game or looking for particular opponents to match your wits and prowess, this Energy Series will bring you a whole new and rich experience.

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