Retail Company Vision, Mission and Values

During the delivery of team building trainings, it was very surprising to discover that many employees and sometimes even managers and supervisors do not know the mission and vision of the company. As a retail owner or manager, what are you doing to get this important message across? How do you support your company’s vision and mission every day? Is […]

Who needs a kitchen more?

Here we are in the 21st century and cars drive themselves, refrigerators automatically order food on the interweb, and most shocking of all, Millennials have become the biggest buyers of new homes! You could have cheated on me. (See the Millennial Song link below.) And, as we move inexorably into the future, technology is advancing faster than ever before in […]

A strategic approach to online marketing

Digital marketing is about building real-time connections and marketing to real human beings who are inspired to take action through the value and stories a brand offers. A well thought out digital marketing strategy helps a business formulate a plan of action and make the right decisions needed to be successful online; It is important to have a strategy to […]

The best workout for muscle growth: the squat

For most lifters, squats are the most difficult, painful, and muscle-intimidating exercise imaginable. You have to have some serious discipline and determination to do them correctly. Just do one set of squats to failure and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! Ultimately, squats are THE most effective muscle-growth-inducing exercise you can invest your energy into. Nothing compares to a […]

Student loan debt in the United States

The nation is still feeling the effects of the Great Recession even though economists report that it is over. Unemployment rates are still hovering around 9 percent, the economy is the number one concern for more and more Americans, and political pundits are predicting a tough re-election campaign for Barack Obama if things don’t change quickly. An important sector of […]

How people get rich with leverage

Archimedes the Greek (who is often credited with discovering the principle of the lever) once said: “Give me a lift and a place to stand, and I could move the world.” He understood that a lever was a tool to multiply your strength beyond its natural limits. He also knew that the larger the lever, the greater the increase in […]

Lavinia: the Aristotelian tragic heroine in O’Neill

Introduction Eugene O’Neill’s “Mourning Becomes Electra” was inspired by Aeschylus’s The Orestes. In O’Neill’s version, Agamemnon is American General Ezra Mannon, Clytemnestra is his second wife Christine, Orestes is his son Orin, and Electra is his daughter Lavinia. The play featured murder, adultery, incestuous love, and revenge. Although only fate guides the actions of the characters in Greek tragedies, O’Neill’s […]