Once Upon A Time In America: The Assimilation Experience Of The First Italian Immigrants Part 4 Of 4

“Everything the individual does is recognized and American Democracy gives him a fair chance and a reasonable opportunity.” Assemblyman Chas. New York City Novello 1921 In this final part of a 4-part series examining the history and heritage of Italian Americans, we will explore the importance of the family unit and the neighborhood to the successful assimilation process of Italian […]

Tesla rises 1,081%: the big bet to make now

“Are you crazy.” My friend Sasha scoffed as we drank latte for our Sunday morning ritual. Across the table, Brian shrugged, confident in his statement. “You’ll see. Soon even your parents will want one. Top gear he is lying “. I watched the exchange between my two friends, already familiar with this discussion. Look, this was in 2011, and we […]

Learn More About Hy Mask Roofing Technology

Mask Roofing Technology “Locally Owned and operated since 1990 – Hymask Roofing company is your gold standard in the re-roofing industry, and is recognized as the most experienced professional in the city of Toronto. We’ve worked on thousands of residential and commercial roof installations across Simcoe County and enjoy looking forward to giving you a free roof inspection with our […]

Advantages of bathtub refinishing

The advantages of repainting your bathtub are many. The advantages of repainting as a green remodeling alternative to replacement are well known. It’s also the most cost-effective way to deal with worn, dull, or hard-to-clean bathtubs, showers, countertops, ceramic tile, and sinks. Upgrading your bathtubs instead of replacing them makes them look like new at a fraction of the replacement […]

TVR – Sexiest of all British sports cars

They drive fast. They are elegant, British and very sexy. They are the Cheryl Coles, Kelly Brooks, Liz Hurley and Sienna Millers of sports car design. They are TVR’s ……. and they are the zenith of great British sports car engineering. Forget other analogies of good Britain, such as fish ‘n’ chips, roast beef, cream teas and a pint in […]

Pure Clear Delta8 1gm Disposable Pens

Pure Clear Delta8 1gm The Pure Clear Delta products line has received good reviews from both consumers and retailers alike. They are well known for their affordable prices and the excellent craftsmanship they produce. In addition to their price points, they are also known for their ink quality. This is a brand you can rely on when it comes to […]

Recurring Epstein Barr

The Epstein Barr virus, which causes mononucleosis or glandular fever, has the ability to establish a lifetime presence in the body. In most people, a healthy immune system keeps the virus in check. However, about 6% of people reactivate or turn to Epstein Barr for weeks, months, or years after the initial infection. So why do some people have recurring […]