World Economic Forecast for 2012

Gold and silver forecast: Gold and silver will experience strong increases in the beginning of the first quarter of 2012. But surprisingly and contrary to many, gold and silver inflows may increase from 2012, thus reducing demand. Huge corrections can be expected in these in 2012. Gold may finally end its Bull Run of the last 8-10 years in 2012 […]

Captain Morgan to cure sciatica

Although the title of this post may seem unusual, you might be surprised to find that Captain Morgan may be the way to cure your sciatica pain once and for all. Now this is not Captain Morgan from the bottle, but it is the stretch of Captain Morgan who performs as the pirate in the bottle. So for all the […]

Sexy ideas for naughty couples

It’s almost the usual scenery and action, like watching the same porn movie over and over again. You and your partner dress in birthday outfits. Tap here. You hold on there. You kiss here. Lamas there. Either you get on her or she rides on you. Some moans, gasps, shoves and his snoring continues, leaving his eyes wide looking at […]

The dish: the foals stampede

I told you. All season I’ve looked like shit. I’ve warned you about soft high school in Indianapolis. I told them that any team that relies on Corey Simon to be at the center of their defensive rebuilding effort is sure to be disappointed. I’ve pointed to the ridiculously easy schedule of the first half and the windfalls the Colts […]

Rich boy and poor boy

After his regular workouts with his personal gym trainer, Daniel took a quick shower and put on his white pants, white T-shirt, and comfortable brown house slippers. He ordered his butler with whom he passed through his yard to call a masseur. “I need a masseur for home service, before 12 noon.” Daniel walked quickly when he saw Sarah in […]