Breeding poodles for the first time

Thinking of raising your purebred poodle? Let’s look at the information you need to know before you mate with your beloved poodle pet.

First, some questions to ask yourself are:

What is your purpose for breeding?
Will this be a unique event?
Are you breeding to show quality?
Are you planning to sell the puppies?

The answers to these questions determine whether it is important to have a registered female poodle and a registered male poodle to breed. Also, the answers determine whether it will be important for you to become a licensed breeder in your state and a breeder registered with the AKC. If this is your first time breeding, you do not need to become a licensed breeder or register as a breeder. This will be necessary if you want to continue raising and making this a business.

Even if you are not interested in showing your dog or breeding professionally, it is vital to learn best practices for breeding. Not spending time learning how to breed puts your pet at risk for health problems, infertility, and unhealthy puppies. One of the best practices is not to breed the female until her third heat cycle. Health and their ability to have more litters are at stake. If you love the breed of poodles, breed correctly, as incompetent breeding leads to genetic health problems for the breed.

Poodle genetic health problems

As poodles became fashionable, poodles were bred for puppies to sell without regard for the well-being of the mother or future generations.

When purebred poodles are raised incorrectly, genetic health problems develop. Some genetically predisposed diseases of the poodle are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, sebaceous adenitis, patellar luxation. These are strange names, yet they are serious health conditions.

Puppy mills

Concerned and thoughtful people want to stop any puppy mill. Puppy mills are places where dogs are raised, constantly harming the breed and creating potential health problems for puppies. A place where dogs are inhumanely bred with no regard for the well-being and personality of the puppies should be closed.

A healthy poodle

It is possible to get a healthy poodle puppy. While incompetent breeding has damaged the bloodline of poodles, many competent breeders have and are breeding healthy poodles with a bloodline without genetic ailments. Breeders can register and obtain a license to help improve poodle standards. There are healthy poodles with a healthy lineage. It is possible to find and breed poodles that are not genetically predisposed to the breed’s common ailments.

Begin the mating process

One place to start breeding is to have the bitch examined by a vet to ensure that she is in the best condition for pregnancy and that she is providing milk for her puppies.

Make a profit

Keep in mind that you are not likely to make money by raising the bitch. You are more likely to spend money. Hopefully, you are raising poodles to develop healthy generations of the poodle breed and have happy, healthy pets.

As this may be the first time you’ve raised your pet poodle, making a profit shouldn’t be your goal. Having a profitable business selling poodle puppies involves having a lot of dogs and business regulations. This can be determined at a later date.

Information on dog breeds: genetics

In order to have puppies that can be registered with the AKC, both the mother and the father must be registered with the AKC. This keeps track of the DNA history and ensures that inbreeding does not occur. The AKC has a DNA bank for the breeds.

Inbreeding, when the same bloodline is paired as a brother and sister, creates many health problems for the puppies and harms the breed.

If your pet is not registered with the AKC, your pet and puppies cannot be show dogs and you are raising pets. If displaying is important, there is an alternate record to display on selected shows. If the poodles will be pets and possibly sprayed or neutered, AKC registration is not required.

When your pet is not registered with the AKC, you can find the genetic details by having your vet perform a DNA procedure. This will allow you to learn about virtually any genetic health problem without spending more time and money trying to find your pet’s lineage. We are doing this to ensure healthy poodles will be a joy to a new owner or you for a long time to come.

In addition to finding predisposition to health ailments, a DNA test will also help identify which physical traits are likely to be passed on to puppies. Physical traits include the shape of the muzzle and ears, the color of the eyes and fur, personality traits, and even traits like its personality. However, it is not realistic to expect to reproduce exact replicas of the father or mother. While you may end up with puppies that are similar, there is no way to create a replica. Once you have obtained substantial hereditary information about your own dog, you should do your best to learn as much as possible about your dog’s future mate.

The asparagus

It is equally important to ensure that the male meets the same health requirements and genetic prerequisites as his female. This can be done if the stallion is registered with the AKC or has a DNA profile.

Stud Fees

Another expense is stud fees, which can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the lineage of the dogs.

The stud location is another factor. When the stallion is around, taking him to the female is not a great inconvenience.

On the other hand, if your bolt is located at longer distances, the mating process can be somewhat more complicated and expensive. For the male dog to be confident, mating is best done at the stud’s house.

Two solutions for a stallion located far away are to send the sperm or travel to the location of the stallion.

One potentially successful method is to ship and store the sperm. This is not always successful due to the risk of the vessels breaking or the sperm dying due to changes in temperature.

Many believe that having both dogs present will increase the chances of a healthy litter. Depending on your breeding purpose and if the stallion’s lineage is valuable enough, you may consider traveling with your dog to the stud’s location.

Healthy poodles are the goal

What is emphasized in this article is the fact that healthy puppies require research and preparation before breeding begins. Get the facts about your dog and the stud. Do everything you can to ensure healthy puppies and a healthy mother (breeding female) and the joy will be immeasurable.

Future healthy poodle litters are best made by caring for expert breeders like you.

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