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Car magnets or car window decals – which should I choose?

There’s a common car sign question that many people don’t know the answer to: car magnets or car window decals, which should I choose? Both are popular products that are relatively inexpensive and fully customizable, so what’s the difference between the two? Here is a review of car magnets and car window decals that highlights the benefits and drawbacks of each product, so you can make an educated decision when purchasing car signs.

car magnets

  • Definition – A magnetic material formulated specifically for use outdoors. It comes in a variety of thicknesses, but 30 mil is the most common and strongest for vehicle use. Common sizes are 12″x18″, 12″x24″ and 18″x24″, but it is always a good idea to measure the area of ​​the vehicle you will apply the car magnet to and then order a habit sizing to ensure the perfect fit.
  • advantages – With proper storage, because the magnets are fully reusable as they can be removed from the vehicle and re-attached. They are also quite affordable.
  • Cons – Car magnets do not work for non-metallic (fiberglass and plastic) vehicles, and must be applied to a smooth, flat area of ​​the vehicle, which can sometimes limit size.
  • Applications – If you want temporary signage, because magnets are a great choice. If you use your personal vehicle for work purposes, the ability to remove magnetic signs is great, as you can remove them when you’re not at work. Some HOAs and neighborhood associations prohibit vehicle signage when home, so magnets are a great solution to this problem (ask for magnets that can be removed while home, or order blank magnets to cover vehicle advertising more permanent).

car window decals

  • Definition – There are a variety of materials available, but the most popular and easiest to use is a perforated adhesive film called one-way vision. The size of the decal depends on the size and shape of your vehicle’s rear windshield, unless you choose to order a center piece.
  • advantages – Since most rear windshields are quite vertical, these decals are highly visible to passing motorists. The perforated material is transparent from the inside but allows full color printing on the outside.
  • Cons – These decals are adhesive and therefore not removable or reusable (like magnets). Depending on the size you order, they can also be more expensive.
  • Applications – If you want to promote your company’s products and services, choose a car window decal for maximum exposure. If you’re looking for something that you can install once and be done with, an adhesive decal like this one is the perfect product.

When choosing which car sign to order, consider two things: 1) reuse and 2) ease of installation. Car magnets can be easily removed and reused, but make they require maintenance and should be stored in a flat and safe place. If you are looking for a unique application, go with car window decals. Remember though, because window decals have an adhesive, they are not removable or reusable.

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