Wisconsin music scene 1984-1987

In my last post, I forgot to tell you about the Bugle American and the Emerald City Chronicle that my friend Michael St. John started. They were free newspapers that gave us informative articles and where our favorite bands played. They both kept us in touch with the music scene. Now we go to 1984….Milwaukee. Ax was rehearsing and writing. […]

Revealing hidden lives

Melissa Etheridge, a famous American rock singer, songwriter and activist, publicly declared herself a lesbian in January 1993. She is one of those women who broke the psychological chains of society attached to women’s sexuality and embraced her unique identity as homosexuality. . ‘I love you’. We say these three words several times to the people we care for. No, […]

Benefits of the game for children

A study associating video gaming with improved laparoscopic surgery is the tip of the iceberg in the hot topic of video gaming’s positive effects. According to Mitchell Wade, co-author of The Kids are Alright: How the Gamer Generation is Changing the Workplace, “When you see studies that show surgeons or pilots improve their skills in the real world by using […]