Ways to Get Hard and Rigid Erections Naturally

Erectile dysfunction or erectile dysfunction is not a disease but a medical condition that can result from various physical and emotional or psychological reasons. Lack of blood flow to the penis, hardening of the arteries, decreased testosterone levels, etc. are some of the most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Stress, depression, anxiety, nervousness, performance problems, guilt, anger, […]

Calypso is almost dead in Trinidad

Some time ago, I got my hands on this CD – ‘Calypso Awakening’ from the Emery Cook Collection. I highly recommend everyone get a copy of this. If you want to hear real, authentic Calypso then you must have it in your CD collection. When you (my partner Trini), listen to the songs on this recording, you will hear for […]

The Importance of Technical Knowledge in Modern Car Sales Training

Technical knowledge is increasingly important in modern car sales training. In the past, it was enough for salespeople to be able to explain to customers how their cars should be maintained and answer general everyday questions, like what does the carburetor do? In fact, even these questions were few and far between because automobiles powered by gas (petroleum) fueled internal […]

my role model forever

I teach that I have found a leader forever who has gone as far as anyone can go in these five areas: love, truth, power, justice and hope. My hero died speaking forgiveness to his enemies. That is the love that endured. His critics were speechless after he asked them questions that caught them instead of him. That proves he […]