Spiritual paths lead nowhere

When people are on the spiritual path, they can be at any level: starting out or just waking up to the possibility that there is more to life than beer and football. People begin to awaken when they search for answers that reveal the nature of the Universe, its mysteries, the truths, the mechanisms of how the earth works and […]

Life expectancy from emphysema and what you can do about it

To be honest about it, the life expectancy of emphysema is not very encouraging. This disease affects a person progressively and is irreversible, so life expectancy due to emphysema is certainly affected. However, alternative treatments may offer some help. Not just humans, emphysema also attacks animals. For example, canine emphysema is not that common. Before antibiotics, infection in the lungs, […]

The origins and popularity of baseball cards

Baseball cards have been popular with adults and children in love with the game and the focus of collectors since they were first distributed. These cards were originally produced as a marketing vehicle, but with the rise in popularity of baseball, these trading cards have become a more valuable commodity. Baseball became a professional sport in the late 1860s, around […]

The benefits of a motorcycle track day

If you’re a motorcyclist, you’re familiar with the thrill of being in your own world, on a completely empty and winding road, enjoying a smooth ride. As a cyclist, you take a lot of risks, riding on streets and public access roads, where there is a chance that things can go wrong. Potholes, vehicles and many other obstacles are against […]

Special gift ideas for men

Most people love receiving a gift for a variety of purposes. This can include birthdays, anniversaries, or other important events. Both men and women enjoy receiving gifts. But here are gift ideas for men along with some additional suggestions for your consideration. There are a wide variety of gift ideas for men to consider. The type of gift you send […]

Astrology in a holographic universe

Physicist David Bohm, among others, thinks that we could live in a universe that is simply a holographic projection of a reality that exists outside of our universe. This idea certainly supports the Vedic idea that what we see is maya or illusion, as well as the shamanic or pagan idea that we live in a dream world, reality existing […]

Can music affect living beings?

A friend once called the brain the last frontier, and I think she’s right. While all DNA links have been identified, not all are understood; however, the brain is not yet fully identified. For example, some scientists think that certain sound waves that mimic brain waves can increase creativity, intelligence, control pain, or alter psychological states. But the question remains. […]