More about marine hermit crabs

Hermit crabs are classified into terrestrial and marine based on their choice of habitat. The surprising fact that connects land and sea crabs is that both are born in a marine habitat. Those who are land-dwellers slowly leave their marine dwellings to live on land, and those who are sea-dwellers continue to live in their native marine environment. Marine hermit […]

Japanese Garden of Monaco

Have you ever seen an authentic Japanese garden? Well, I had the opportunity to see the one in Monaco and I was also very impressed. Do you want to taste a bit of Japanese culture? Stepping on this ground is escaping from the real world to a fantasy land. Suddenly you find yourself in a typical Japanese natural environment like […]

Online betting on football matches

There are people who have taken gambling as their only source of income, so it is a driving industry that has a lot to offer, even for people who are not professional gamers. Anyone who takes this sport seriously knows that you don’t just take your money to the bookies, place a bet and then automatically win, there are many […]

Did Elvis Presley go to heaven?

One of the dilemmas I faced in becoming a fully-fledged Christian was accepting my allegiance to certain cultural icons who in the past had been labeled non-Christian. The greatest of them is undoubtedly “the King” himself, Elvis Presley. Before Elvis, the only individual in history who could be known simply as “the King” was probably Jesus himself. Was Elvis an […]

15 Things Children Want From Their Parents

15 Things Children Want From Their Parents Although it may seem so, children are not too complicated. There are very few things that they ask of us in their first years; however, these requests are essential to help them grow into kind and respectful additions to society. As parents, there are 15 top things that children will want from you […]