The benefits of outsourcing for hospital accreditation

Hospital accreditation is the most intensive accreditation process for medical providers, which is repeated more frequently than other accreditation standards and which involves more organization contacts and supporting documents. The amount of staff time and expense of researching each medical provider can be heavy, depleting resources from other administrative functions and requiring experienced staff and access to research resources. However, […]

How much does marketing cost?

Many small business owners ignore marketing because they consider it to be too expensive or only for large companies. Marketing consists of a myriad of different elements, some with minimal or no costs and some with substantial costs. By using your resources and creativity, you can use a few key marketing activities, cut costs, and be very successful. Below is […]

Surety and insured: what does it really mean?

You’ve heard him ask many times before. You may have even asked yourself, but what does bonded and secured really mean? Why do you need to ask providers about this? Is this really important? First, I’ll explain what each one means. Later, I will go into detail about what is important with these terms. There are only three types of […]

Information on stock quotes

As every wise investor knows, getting the right information regarding stocks gives you the knowledge you need to make sensible investment decisions. Unlike in the past, when investors had to rely on limited stock prices published in newspapers or broadcast on radio or television, the Internet today is full of real-time information about stocks. In some cases, quotes are delayed […]

Update of the Anti-Cyber ​​Squatting Consumer Protection Act

Our law firm receives many calls from individuals and businesses who are being threatened with an Anti-Cyber ​​Squatting Consumer Protection Act claim because they registered a domain name identical or similar to someone else’s trademark. Inevitably, we hear the words “Network solutions allowed me to register the domain, so there is no way anyone can say that I did something […]

Top Five Myths About Saving Money

We all like to think that we are doing the best we can when it comes to our finances. We think we are saving money, but we have never sat down to do the math. You might be surprised if it did. Here are the top five money saving myths we fell in love with: 1. Savings accounts save us […]

7 main things to consider before starting to invest

Whether they are investors, potential investors or the general public looking to start investing, everyone gets excited the moment they have extra money on their hands and one of the usual plans is to invest it for quick profits. People want to start making their money work for them and that is a very understandable and rational thought, but surely […]