The rise of 3D printing

3D printing has recently been filling media stories with demonstrations of its remarkable potential and versatility. This has come to light because production costs are reduced at that rate. Whereas it was almost insurmountably expensive before, there is now a real chance that 3D printing will be made for the masses. So how did this exciting technology get started? Initially, […]

Cloud accounting systems: the best solution for small businesses

In recent years, the way small businesses manage their billing, accounting, and bookkeeping has undergone radical changes. Today, an increasing number of companies are opting for cloud-based accounting systems to streamline their core processes. If you’re a small business owner, you may be looking for a way to make business record keeping a little easier so you can build your […]

Employee Motivation Management – Part I: The Wage Rotation Phenomenon

In the 16 years of management experience I’ve gained, I’ve continually heard that employee turnover is due to salary and benefits. Turnover essentially becomes an accepted industry phenomenon where efforts to improve employee retention stall. After all, if the only perceived cause of turnover is ‘pay’, while financial and budgetary constraints mean that pay cannot be changed, why should one […]

Au Pair Screening and Fluffy Personality Tests

The most important role of au pair agencies is to ensure that the au pairs they provide are suitable for the job and trustworthy. This is done by selecting au pairs through interviews, reference checks, background checks, and personality tests. Au pair agencies in the US are required by federal regulations to use personality tests as part of the Au […]

Product promotion using an LED projector

Product promotion is just as important as making a quality product. The quality of a product is what always wins the satisfaction of a customer. The manufacture of a product with quality standards is the first winning step. Second, the knowledge of the product must reach the customer who is looking for it. A product that doesn’t reach its intended […]

How to write a breakup letter in 7 steps

For most relationships, breaking up in person is the most appropriate and respectful way to end. If it has been a long relationship and you are able to express yourself freely with your partner, you should show him the courtesy and respect of breaking up face to face. However, sometimes circumstances dictate that the break be put in writing. For […]

10 good reasons to homeschool

While there are probably hundreds of reasons people choose to homeschool, these ten seem to be the most common good reasons why you would start this process. Your child has special needs – Children with Asperger syndrome or autism spectrum disorder, ADD or ADHD respond much better to individual teaching. This is very difficult and expensive to provide at school, […]

Advertising as a communication tool

Advertising is a form of mass communication with the public. It is usually unilateral, that is, from the company to the potential buyer/user of the product. It is a form of communication that generally attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or consume more of a particular brand of product/service. As Bovee aptly defines it, “Advertising is the non-personal communication […]