The 7 secrets of writing a great press release

I recently rewrote and edited my last Media Motivators article on McEddie “Everywhere” McGuire personal branding and turned it into a press release. It spawned two high profile radio interviews on ABC and commercial radio and a Google search on the words “Eddie McGuire” put my story on the front page at number 10 out of a possible 3.2 million […]

SixDegrees – Social media in its infancy

When most of us think of social media online, we most likely think of Facebook. Facebook is by far the most popular social networking site we have today with 500 million Facebook users. However, Mark Zuckerberg was definitely not the first person to have built a social network, he was just the first to be successful in the way that […]

Is there passion behind your brand?

Do you create from the inside out or from the outside in? That question applies to both the design of a space and the creation of your brand because the answer to both is the same. You must build from the inside out. But like many of our customers who make the mistake of choosing paint color before anything else, […]

What is character?

What is character? According to the dictionary, character means 1. a distinctive feature; 2. typical behavior of a person or group; 3. moral force; 4. reputation. Character is an evaluation of the moral qualities of a particular individual. It can also involve a variety of attributes, including the existence of a lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty, […]

How Globalization Is Affecting US Accounting

Globalization has led most countries to follow and teach the principles of IFRS. US-based companies follow GAAP rules, causing complications for US companies wanting to do business internationally. Both accounting practices provided useful and accurate interpretations of a company’s financial condition. However, comparing a financial statement that was done under GAAP with a statement that follows IFRS could lead to […]

Fashion Marketing Planning

What’s in a fashion marketing campaign?   This article explores the components of a fashion marketing plan and how fashion brands can improve their marketing strategy. Fashion marketing is concerned with meeting the needs, wants, and demands of your target consumer, and these goals are achieved through the marketing mix. Fashion marketing differs from fashion PR in that fashion PR […]

5 SEO tips bloggers overlook

You post on a blog because you want to share your knowledge; You also blog because you want to drive traffic to your website and rank high in search results. You already know the basics of SEO related to on-page factors and link building, but there are many other factors that are overlooked. Of course, you’ll never crush them all, […]

How do you market to millennials?

Trends come and go in marketing, and it’s not always easy to connect with your target audience unless you really understand what motivates them. Who are the millennials? Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are people who were born between approximately 1982 and the mid-1990s, and reached the age of 18 between 2000 and 2008. There are around 75 million […]

Has Google helped end the need for advertising?

Here’s a question for the new year: Does a Google search ranking on the first page replace the need to continue spending on advertising? After all, if you’ve made it to the top of Google’s search results lists, what else is needed? Times have certainly changed. Underestimate of the year, right? But it’s true. Having been in the marketing business […]