The best workout for muscle growth: the squat

For most lifters, squats are the most difficult, painful, and muscle-intimidating exercise imaginable. You have to have some serious discipline and determination to do them correctly. Just do one set of squats to failure and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! Ultimately, squats are THE most effective muscle-growth-inducing exercise you can invest your energy into. Nothing compares to a […]

Home Fitness Equipment and You

There are many good reasons why you should be concerned about your physical health and protect yourself from the growing number of heart-related diseases, diabetes, and obesity that threaten both men and women today. Home fitness equipment allows you to get in shape in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Bring the gym to your home. The advantages […]

Increase your testosterone levels with elliptical training

Testosterone is largely considered a hormone of youth that keeps muscles and bones strong, maintains healthy fertility and sex drive, and maintains overall energy. Healthy levels of testosterone also help the human body resist the accumulation of excess fat. Exercise is one way to increase your testosterone naturally and safely. However, not all exercise routines are as effective as others. […]

Why cycling is a fun exercise

If you find going to the gym to be a dream exercise, you may want to try cycling outdoors. Cycling, compared to gym exercise, is more fun. When cycling, you won’t get bored with the changing environment while traveling on your chosen bike path; whereas, in the gym, you are stuck with the same walls and equipment. It’s no wonder […]

Online Personal Training: The Best Option For Those Who Work Out In Home Gyms

online personal training is fast becoming a major game changer in the world of training for bodybuilders, powerlifters, powerlifters and strength athletes. Even sport-specific training often leads athletes and competitors to search online for top fitness trainers to up their game. So what’s the big draw of having a strength coach or personal trainer online? The first advantage, as mentioned […]

low carb diet expert

For a long time, people thought that dietary fat intake was what caused body fat stores; ‘eating too much fat is making me fat’. However, this is actually not true. You’ll find out very quickly that cutting back on dietary fat will make little difference to your weight or body fat percentage. When you begin to manipulate carbohydrates is when […]