Possible problems with removable kitchen trash cans

Over the years, many customers have had our company install removable trash cans in their kitchen cabinets. I realized the problems with having one of these drop-down units when I included one in my own closet design. Although there are some advantages, I think there are more disadvantages than advantages to having these sliding units installed in kitchen cabinets. Slide […]

Advantages of natural stone cladding

Stone cladding is a method of covering walls using natural or synthetic stone veneers. Everyone wants the latest thing that’s happening, be it a smartphone or natural stone cladding! Trends never die when new products are invented that push older ones into oblivion. People shed old appearances and install promoted products, bringing luxury into their homes and forcing others to […]

Marble kitchen countertops – to use or not to use, that’s the question

Some of the most beautiful kitchen countertops are created with marble slabs. Classic color combinations and beautiful veins make the stone highly sought after. Traditionally, marble has been used extensively in bathrooms and furniture countertops due to its delicate nature and artistic qualities. Since Greek and Roman times, marble has been known as one of the best options for sculpture […]

Your new kitchen

It’s where we prepare food, wash dishes, eat, and socialize. It is the center of the house, the nerve center so to speak, and the place where everyone inevitably ends up, whether they are hosting a dinner party or just a normal Tuesday dinner. It is your kitchen and it should reflect your personality and tastes like any other room […]

Old World Style Kitchen Designs

With the emergence of new styles and modern conveniences, today’s kitchens have undergone a complete transformation. Along with the appliances, the tile, tabletop and kitchen worktop assemblies have also been refurbished. Even so, there are certain people who prefer to give their kitchens an authentic and traditional look and thus Old World style kitchens have managed to maintain their position. […]