Captain Morgan to cure sciatica

Although the title of this post may seem unusual, you might be surprised to find that Captain Morgan may be the way to cure your sciatica pain once and for all. Now this is not Captain Morgan from the bottle, but it is the stretch of Captain Morgan who performs as the pirate in the bottle. So for all the […]

Betraying Someone – What Happens?

Someone may feel that you have betrayed them. Did or did you stop doing something? It is not that difficult to deny a personal business. We also betray a co-worker if we take credit for their work. Or if we do not defend them when someone unfairly criticizes them behind their back. I could betray a friend’s trust if I […]

Anyone can own a property in Brazil

Foreigners (non-Brazilians) can own property directly in Brazil. Furthermore, foreigners have the same property rights as Brazilians and will obtain a free and clear title to the property. It is no different than owning real estate in Europe or the United States. Brazil is fast becoming the world leader in attracting foreign investment and immigration. There are literally millions of […]

What to do in New York City

New York, also known as the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps is one of the largest cities in the world. New York is the center of business, music, art and culture. You can get to New York by plane, train and bus. There are many airports; John F. Kennedy International Airport is the largest; the best way to […]

Second Passports – Don’t Leave Home Without Two!

Don’t leave home without one? The savvy business traveler these days doesn’t leave home without two or three passports. That was the conclusion of a recent New York Times article titled Carrying a Second Passport? It’s not just for spies covering the benefits of traveling with multiple passports, second citizenships, and naturalization. According to the article, for example, many people […]

Why is my immigration case delayed?

Recently a client of ours, let’s call him Muhammad H, married an American citizen. Your spouse filed the Alien Relative Application (I-130) on your behalf with the Adjustment of Status Application (I-485). She became pregnant and had a child while the petition was pending. Soon, his application was pending for over a year and it became apparent that he was […]

March Madness – Should College Athletes Get Paid?

The NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament is now in full swing. The games are full of surprises, fans young and old cheering for their team, support challenges are everywhere. America loves this tournament. The NCAA, colleges and universities, college coaches and television stations and advertisers love this tournament too. The tournament is a great source of income for all parties. […]

The totality and the implicit order, book by Professor David Bohm and Master Intelligent Plan

INTRODUCTION: Professor David Bohm, (1917-1992) was a renowned scientist. His books on quantum theory were widely acclaimed. He was a close associate of J. Krishnamurti from the early 1960s and was also associated with the Krishnamurti School at Brookwood Park. Professor Bohm and JK used to have regular discussions on various topics in philosophy, the most important being ‘The End […]