domesticated small dogs

In general terms, training your small dog is the process by which you train your small dog that lives with you in the house to urinate or defecate outside the house or in a limited area inside the house, instead of doing it anywhere. another place. Therefore, taming small dogs is a task that can be very unpleasant for you. […]

Dachshund Scratching – How To Stop Your Dachshund From Scratching

When you think of Dachshund health problems, back problems and obesity are probably the first things that come to mind, but they aren’t the only problems Dachshunds have. Along with many other breeds, Dachshunds have skin problems, their owners desperately want to keep their Dachshunds from scratching. What causes dachshund scratching? It’s important to find the cause of the scratching […]

Does Sanus-Biotex work for degenerative myelopathy?

So… Does Sanus Biotex really work? If you’re reading this, it’s probably a question you’ve been asking yourself over and over again, just as I did in late November 2010. As I mentioned earlier, I really felt the need and wanted to tell people about the story. (from Tiger). I am amazed that such a small amount of powder mixed […]

Fix a dog allergy

In addition to meeting their basic needs, dogs may also need help with some health issues. Dogs are actually susceptible to medical conditions like allergies that the owner must quickly take note of and cure to prevent the condition from worsening. Making your dog itch: chances of allergy Allergies cannot be prevented unless the owner knows what allergens their dog […]

cold feet and hot dogs

In an effort to keep their feet warm, the men of Colonial America developed the practice of bringing their dogs into local churches and meeting houses. They put a blanket around their legs and feet under or over the dog. Both man and dog were happy. One can only imagine the chaos this must have caused, as the practice was […]

How to Stop Your Doberman’s Whining

A problem that many Doberman owners share is their frustration and annoyance with excessive whining. Owners often think this trait is cute when they first bring their puppy home. They soon find out that it’s not that cute when their adult Doberman continues to moan. In some cases the relationship between the owner and his dog can become stressful. Most […]

Three steps to kill fleas or be eaten alive

You have pets in your house? Are you being eaten alive by fleas? These usually appear as itchy red welts on the skin. Do you know how to stop this? The weather has changed and it’s hot in Southern California. Now is the time for those little critters called fleas to start becoming a pest. Fleas do not stay in […]

How to buy a puppy online safely and responsibly

As a lifelong dog owner and breeder for several years, I have found a great need to educate people on the process of buying a puppy online. There are so many breeders with so many options that it can all become overwhelming in a short amount of time. I support local shelters, but realize there are many families who want […]