Loving My Christmas Girl was born disabled by congenital CMV

Expecting our second child, due on Christmas Eve 1989, had been a wonderful experience. What a Christmas present! But the moment Elizabeth was born, on December 18, I felt a pang of fear. My immediate thought was, “Her head looks so small, so misshapen.” Before I was twelve hours old, I found out why. When the neonatologist came into my […]

Brainwashing yourself into the habit of exercise

The trick to programming a habit is to reinforce (reward) good activity, not reward or punish bad activity (eating junk food). Eventually, the mind begins to associate consequences with actions. In this case, you do the exercise, you get a reward. Pretty simple, right? But here’s what happens: People will decide they’re going to take the reward before they exercise. […]

Winning bets on greyhound racing

winning bets In the modern world of greyhound racing, players have been forced to play exotic bets to get a reasonable return on their biggest investments. When you compare the prize pools of more than $100,000 from thoroughbred racing to the anemic greyhound racing funds of less than $1,000, the reason becomes clear. To get any value in the sport […]

What is the true nature of a dog?

Dogs are really amazingly complex creatures and in order for you to have a good relationship with your dog you need to learn a bit about his nature. Dogs are descended from wolves and therefore have many of the same characteristics, although some behaviors are the result of thousands of years of interaction with humans. Understanding these characteristics can make […]

Ways to minimize your ferret’s odor

Ferrets will always have a scent around them, just like you always have a scent around you and your dog always smells like a dog. You can’t do anything about it. However, you can minimize the smell. Here is a list of what you can do to minimize your ferret’s odor, in order of importance. Clean the litter box daily. […]

domesticated small dogs

In general terms, training your small dog is the process by which you train your small dog that lives with you in the house to urinate or defecate outside the house or in a limited area inside the house, instead of doing it anywhere. another place. Therefore, taming small dogs is a task that can be very unpleasant for you. […]