Fed magazine paintball gun controversy

For tournament play, you will find some of the most expensive paintball guns on the market costing upwards of $2000. For Woodsball, by far the most expensive markers are the magazine-fed ones. The high price is due to the different internal parts of these weapons, but mainly due to the external details. For some players, the fun is in the […]

Last Arrest: A Short Story

The chief of police found it difficult to understand the inflexible position of the lady inspector. She tried to instill in him that discretion is the better part of courage. Although Brinda did not seem willing to reason, Mr. Goswami did his best to convince her not to go on the mission alone. “Miss Brinda, today is your last day; […]

Teach children responsibility

What does it mean to teach your children responsibility? Each parent has a different response and a different expectation of when and how their child will take personal responsibility. One thing is for sure and that is that responsibility must be taught. It is not a natural ability, but it can be learned at any age. You do not become […]

How to raise smart kids

A child is born with billions of brain cells that need to grow. The brain does not automatically grow with age. It comes from zapping brain cell connections into place. This occurs through the stimulation and exercise that the brain receives. A child’s brain develops its full potential when exposed to rich experiences in early childhood. 1. Make your child […]