bad breath and kissing

If you’ve ever read online dating forums or advice columns or advice columns, you know that bad breath can be a deal breaker when it comes to first dates. This is the reason why singles suffering from halitosis are often anxious on the first date. First kisses are stressful enough without having to worry about halitosis. If you struggle with […]

Interactive Website Content – ​​A Total Makeover (or Just a Little Makeover) for Your Web Page

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT – real estate website needs high-quality and unique content This article is for anyone who uses the web; I guess that includes you, since you’re reading this. Webmasters, website builders and website owners will learn why content type is increasingly important and how to find content that is more than just text. Website users will learn what […]

How can attitude affect weight loss?

The Dictionary defines the word Attitude as; “… manners, disposition, feeling, position, etc; with a tendency or orientation especially of the mind, as a negative or positive attitude”. What does the word attitude mean to you and your weight loss? Maybe use comments like; It’s not fair that I hardly eat anything. Anything I’m wondering about? Maybe you’re not eating […]

IBM Information Server 8.X (DataStage): architecture and its components

What is DataStage? An ETL tool to extract, transform and load the data in data mart or data warehouse It is used for data integration projects like data warehouse, ODS (Operational Data Store) and can connect to major databases like Teradata, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server etc. Designed ETL jobs can migrate across different environments, such as Dev, UAT, and Prod, […]

Fridge in the Fritz? Here’s how to choose between refrigerator repair and refrigerator replacement

Having trouble with a refrigerator that started leaking or stopped turning on and off? Whatever the problem, you have to choose between having your refrigerator repaired for broken parts or having your refrigerator replaced completely. Here are some facts to consider before making your final decision. If you are like most homeowners in the United States, then you rely on […]