20 secrets to keep your team motivated

Motivation is an art. We can apply a rule of thumb, the motivation is to show appreciation and give rewards to the team, but beware! Each incentive works differently for different people. 1. Always start with yourself. To motivate others, you must be motivated in all situations. If you can show your positive strength as a leader, your team will […]

Micromax Q5 review

Micromax mobile in India is well recognized for its dual sim option in the mobile phone market. Where the name Micromax comes from, surely the dual sim option is offered in its range of mobiles. Today more than 80 percent of Micromax mobile phones support dual sim option. These phones are embedded with features as per the contemporary requirements of […]

Interview about suicidal tendencies

TIS= The Independent Spiritualist DP = Dean Pleasants ME = Eric Moore TIS: This is a really nostalgic tour that you have organized here. You’ve got the Cro-Mags, DRI, Underdog…all of whom, along with you, are hardcore legends! How has the tour experience been for you so far? DP: He’s been a really great man. Somewhat blurry, as tours tend […]

Santa Rita to the rescue

Dear friends! There is also another saint who has helped me a lot in my life, and to whom you can turn with confidence: Saint Rita of Cascia, who lived during the 14th century, in the midst of the Italian Renaissance. She is the patroness of cases without hope, the saint of impossible situations, the one who intercedes when she […]

Using apps to learn a new language

Hello everyone! This article is a product review only. I found a useful app that I want to share with others. This article is intended to be informational only. One of my lifelong goals is to learn languages, however, with the hectic of everyday life, how can I find the time to spend hours studying a language? Well modern technology […]