The dish: the foals stampede

I told you. All season I’ve looked like shit. I’ve warned you about soft high school in Indianapolis. I told them that any team that relies on Corey Simon to be at the center of their defensive rebuilding effort is sure to be disappointed. I’ve pointed to the ridiculously easy schedule of the first half and the windfalls the Colts […]

2013 National League East Predictions

The East Division of the National League has been the main division of the National League in recent years. This may change this year with the potential of NL Central. There are still three strong playoff contenders in this division. 1 Nationals: Expectations are high in the country’s capital. After winning 98 games last season, the Nats will feature Stephen […]

10 things to do in downtown Reno

When most people hear the word “Reno,” they think of one of two things: gambling or divorce. While both are an integral part of Nevada City’s history and identity, neither seems like a place for a particularly enjoyable family vacation. But, it’s been 50 years since Reno began to alter its reputation as America’s divorce capital and at least that […]

Big deals within the division have always been a part of baseball

As the trade deadline approaches, most announcers are naturally discussing completed and possible transactions in Major League Baseball. During a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Minnesota Twins, the announcers had just received the news of a great trade that had been completed. The Orioles had traded Zack Britton to the New York Yankees, prompting the television analyst […]

Umtiti leads France to the final

Samuel Umtiti’s header in the 51st minute sent an impressive France into the World Cup final with a 1-0 win over Belgium in an engrossing first semifinal on Tuesday. Didier Deschamps’ team will face England or Croatia in Moscow on Sunday as the French look to lift the trophy for the second time after their 1998 home win. In an […]

Exchange students: the statistics

The CSIET (Council on Standards for International Education Travel) is a non-profit organization that identifies renowned international youth exchange programs. They also help promote the importance and educational value of international youth exchange, as well as provide leadership and support to the communities involved with exchange and education. They publish annual reports on the statistics of incoming exchange students (international […]

3 things to do before a tennis match

Preparation loves success in any sport. Before your tennis matches, make sure you are mentally prepared to play them. Today I have 3 solid tips for you guys, which I want you to try before your next match and implement on match day. “Match play is mental and only mentally strong players win their matches.” Okay, let’s take a look […]

The Big 12 Report: Week 9

A defining week for the Big 12 this past week, as Texas continues to roll, and even rose through the BCS rankings after a beating of then-# 8 ranked Texas Tech in Austin, clearly sending the message to the rest of the South’s Big 12. and north. They are the greats of the block and one of the main contenders […]

Who will be the 2010 NBA champions?

This is going to be a really interesting NBA basketball season, and I’m very excited that he’s getting ready to start. This season should be packed with action and twists and turns and, most importantly, some incredible rivalries already established should be on their way to flourish. Who will win it all this year? That’s the big question no one […]