Is artificial intelligence directing our destiny?

“I envision a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I am supporting machines.” -Claude Shannon “The Father of Information Theory” pointed to the power of artificial intelligence decades ago and we are witnessing it now. We do not know, but most of our daily tasks are influenced by Artificial Intelligence such as credit […]

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool to Promote Your Business

As a vehicle through which to share information, it is probably fair to say that social media is fluid and constantly changing. For younger users, “traditional” platforms like Facebook and Twitter almost represent the establishment, and a host of new options provide new ways to spread gossip and share images and events in real time. However, from a purely business […]

Latest AT&T Cell Phones

Currently, there are a variety of new cell phones available on the market. The following is a short list of the latest AT&T wireless phones and their various features (as of August 2008). An example of the latest AT&T cell phones is the Nokia 6085. This device has Bluetooth wireless technology and is a world phone, which means you can […]

The digitization of the current currency

You may not believe me, but if I told you ten years ago that money can be transferred via your mobile device from one person to another at little or no cost, would you believe me? In the last couple of years, mobile peer-to-peer applications have gained enormous popularity among teens and young adults across the United States. Many companies […]

Killzone Mercenary: Beta Impressions

Everyone has a game or series that they just don’t “get,” making it difficult for them to decipher what the fuss is about. For me, one of those franchises is the PlayStation-exclusive first-person shooter, Killzone, and it seems like I’m not alone on that point of view. I have always admired his universe, full of striking similarities to WWII and […]