Puerto Rico – A jewel of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean and others as the best destination for weddings. The island offers a wide variety of recreational options ranging from coastal locations and ocean activities to inland adventures found beyond its shores. Explore the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico, hundreds of years of history, four different cultures and, […]

Flowering azaleas, camellia, crape myrtle (crape myrtle) and other important landscape shrubs

Landscape shrubs fall into two main categories: evergreen shrubs that are grown primarily for green leaves, and shrubs that are grown for flowers. Some of the flowering shrubs that are grown for flowers are evergreen as well, such as: Albelia, Azalea, Banana Shrub, Bottlebrush, Bridal Wreath, Gardenia, Ligustrum, Oleander, and Tea Olive. Azaleas and camellias are the most important flowering […]

Romantic Cities Guide: San Jose and Silicon Valley

Part 1: Places to visit in San José San Jose is one of the largest cities in California and is located in the heart of Silicon Valley (hence the city is appropriately nicknamed the “Capital of Silicon Valley”). There are many museums in the city itself, so if you enjoy visiting museums, San José is a great place to visit. […]

Marriott Desert Springs Villas Timeshare Review

Discover the magic of a California timeshare in Palm Desert at either of the two uniquely styled retreats at Marriott Desert Springs Villas and Marriott Desert Springs Villas II. Both California timeshare resorts are members of RCI and Interval International, two of the largest timeshare exchange companies in the world. The year-round pleasant climate, with more than 350 days a […]

Tips for living in isolation

Living 65 miles from the nearest city of any real magnitude can shape your life a little differently than most. Most of my early life was spent on an outlying ranch in NE New Mexico, 65 miles southwest of Clayton and 80 miles north of Tucumcari. He learns to fend for himself quite well under these circumstances, but that inaccessibility […]

Port security

Safety signs are very important even near the water area. There are many things you need to be careful about. Therefore, these warning signs are extremely necessary to save people’s lives. These signs would inform the users of the slipway about all possible dangers, the local safety conditions of the water and the sea, mandatory and also prohibited actions. You […]

What is a cat shop and what can be done with it?

Most cat lovers and owners are familiar with the way their felines snuggle up in dark areas. They like to take an afternoon nap in any little corner, crevice, or crevice. Other cats like to spend their “me” time away from their human family and often look for a private place to groom themselves. Regardless, letting people fondle and love […]