Convertible Cars: An Introduction

A convertible is a car with a folding roof that converts an enclosed space car into an open-air one. Ever since their introduction, convertibles have always kept an aura around them and almost every car manufacturer has had various models of convertibles in their offering. Car enthusiasts over the years have given them various names, such as cabriolets, cabriolets, spyders, convertibles, and cabriolets. The fact is that it appeals to a breed of people who love to feel the breeze when they drive. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that many a convertible has become an icon in its own right.

For many car enthusiasts, it’s not just being behind the wheel of a convertible that gives them a high, but just one glance at one of these beauties can take their breath away. And automakers have always made sure that the designs developed stay that way. With a niche market of its own, it makes sense for every automaker to pay attention to this segment and with buyers willing to throw in those extra dollars, it’s a win-win situation.

To appeal to various segments of drivers, automakers over the years have introduced various convertible models, however, the most common factor is that the roof is always part of the main bodywork. These are not removable and are normally stored in the space behind the rear seats or in the boot. All this operation of retracting / folding the roof on the convertible can work manually or automatically so that everything fits perfectly and within the space specifically created for it.

Convertible cars, like all products, come in various shapes and sizes and can be broadly classified into two hardtops and softtops. Whatever type of convertible you drive, the feeling of the wind kissing your hair is something words cannot describe. In fact, in the ’60s and ’70s it was this emotion that was captured in commercials and movies. A convertible in these visuals always packed that extra punch that drew people to pay more attention that they might have missed.

It can easily be said that convertibles act as perfect style statements, however, many are discouraged from buying one for themselves simply because it is a common notion that the convertible is only for the tall and mighty, but this is not the case. Over the years, many affordable convertible models have been introduced and you can always find a nice one that fits your price range. So if you’ve been planning to buy a car, why not opt ​​for a convertible? Because, as they say, a car is an extension of your personality. So even if you’re an outgoing party animal or just a regular guy who wants to have a little fun, the convertible fits you like a t-shirt.

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