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Copa Room lives once again in VEGAS! The show

Las Vegas in the early 1950s was still in the midst of massive cultural and economic change. The place that would give Las Vegas its “cool” reputation was still in its dream phase. Legendary producer Jack Entratter was still hard at work at New York’s Copacabana Club, and The Sands hadn’t even been a preview. That was until 1952, after some of the elaborate business deals that Las Vegas became famous for, The Sands had been cleverly done. All myths and rumors aside, after its opening night, The Sands ended up as one of the hottest spots in town, as producer Jack Entratter worked to make the Copa room the hub of nightlife. in the infamous city. A few months after its opening, Frank Sinatra agreed to come over and help out his good friend Jack, as Sinatra’s career was in the midst of a downward spiral. With the release of Sinatra’s new movie just a few months before he landed the gig, and his spot headlining the hottest club in Las Vegas, Frank was soon back on top and enjoying every minute of it.

The following year, Entratter capitalized on his ability to pick beautiful girls, setting a standard and code for how to pick Copa Girls. Always courteous, Jack asked for little other than “You look pretty!” Entratte felt that all her guests wanted was beautiful girls in colorful outfits, interacting with guests in a calm environment, and it ended up becoming a formula for huge success. Allowing his performers to deal for the casino crowds ended up being a big draw too, who wouldn’t want Sinatra to deal their poker game or roulette through Dean Martin? Little did Entratter know that he was creating a style and standard that the city would live by and celebrate, but he also didn’t know that he had helped form the foundation for one of the greatest attractions Las Vegas has ever known, The Rat Pack. Catching Sinatra and taking him to the top boosted the Entratters’ ego, and now Jack looked for more talent to bolster the already riveting Sands and Copa Room. Staying on top wasn’t easy, recruiting big names like Dean Martin and Sammie Davis Jr. were steps taken to ensure Copa Rooms’ reputation as showbiz royalty. In 1960 the arenas became the location for the filming of the movie “Oceans Eleven” starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. During filming, the hotel hosted an all-star event called “Summit at the Sands” where the men performed together for the first time on stage… the rest is history.

Audiences went wild for the Rat Pack, packing out every show, sometimes playing twice a night. Every member of the Pack would always turn up at the club or casino for a performance or a drink, although no one really knew when or with whom else, which made it all the more appealing to hit the arenas on any random night like you would. you never know who to expect! As the Rat Pack entered the history books, Las Vegas was being put into its place for the first time, creating the timeless Class persona that the city became famous for. As time passed, the show was replaced by others and so on, and the hall’s golden days were soon over. But none of these men was ever forgotten, for they are remembered in tribute and dwell in the very soul of the city. Do you want to see the Copa Room Kings with your own eyes? Want to see the Rat Pack and the Story of the Arenas live on stage?

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