Corporate baby gifts: how to choose the perfect gift for an employee or client

At some point, almost every company will need to purchase a baby gift to send to a new parent. Maybe it’s a loyal customer you want to show your appreciation to, maybe a new client you’re building a relationship with, or maybe an employee you’d like to celebrate with. Whatever the reason, finding the perfect baby gift can build great relationships and make a lasting impression.

When my son was born, my husband was vice president of a small construction company. One of his major suppliers brought us a gift card to a local baby store. We were so thankful that you thought of us, and now, even 7 years later, I still remember receiving it. That’s staying power.

I generally don’t recommend gift cards as baby gifts from companies. There are several reasons for this. The main one is that a gift card does not show much effort in the gift. It doesn’t even show that the company has taken the time to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. Another important factor is the price. In general, you can find a really nice gift for much less than most people will end up spending on a gift card. A gift card has no “wow” factor, and the recipient will know exactly how much they spent on the gift.

So how much should you spend on a baby gift for a customer or employee? There are no hard and fast rules or general etiquette rules for appropriate amounts. However, we generally recommend a 10% rule, with a minimum of $30. If the person you’re shopping for is an employee, take a look at their weekly salary. Whatever that salary is, plan on spending about 10% of it on your baby gift. That means if they earn $400 a week, you would plan to spend about $40. If they make $1000 a week, plan on around $100. If they make $300 or less, plan on spending around $30 as you’ll have a hard time finding a good gift for less than $20-30. If you’re shopping for a client, follow a similar rule, but look at roughly how much money your company spends with you in a typical week (if you don’t shop weekly, average what you spend to get a weekly rate). You can then use 10% of the typical purchase amount.

Once you’ve calculated your budget, you’re ready to start considering gift ideas. Try to find out as much as you can about the new baby. Is it a boy or a girl? Does the baby have a name? What her name? What was the date of birth? Having this information will allow you to find a gift that will be very special for the family.

When choosing a corporate baby gift, you’ll want to look for a few things. First of all, it should be something that the family can use. This is very easy, as new babies need many things. Clothes, blankets, diapers, lotions, soaps, and more make great baby gifts. Second, try to keep it as personal as possible. At a minimum, try to incorporate the baby’s gender into the gift, unless she doesn’t already know. If you can find out the baby’s name, a personalized gift can really show that you put in the effort to find out about the baby. However, make sure you have spelled the baby’s name correctly before sending a personalized gift. It is better to send an unpersonalized gift than one with the wrong personalization. The last and most important thing to look for in a corporate baby gift is the “Wow” factor. A gift that will make them say “wow!” it is much more likely to be remembered for a long time than a gift that is like any other gift.

Once you’ve found the perfect gift, don’t forget to include a personal gift note. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple note that says, “Congratulations on the birth of ________. Sincerely, your friends at ____________________” will work well.

While it is not a requirement to send a gift, doing so will build relationships with the recipient well beyond the money spent on the gift. It is definitely an investment worth making.

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