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Drawer pulls: little works of art that go a long way

Often when redecorating, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Whether you choose to add a trim to light up your curtains or put some new slipcovers over your chairs, a little change can freshen up an entire room. And one of the easiest things to change is the drawer pulls.
Drawer sweaters come in many shapes and sizes. Get a woody look with branch-shaped pulls or a Victorian look with elegant rolled pulls. Try a clean European style with straight silver bars or add the finishing touch to your ocean themed bathroom with seahorse pulls. From whimsical fun to shabby chic, you’ll find drawer pulls to match any motif.

Big and small, curved and straight, you can change the feel of a room when you change the drawer handles. Complement a farmhouse look with white porcelain pulls or try mug pulls for nostalgic appeal. You can rejuvenate a room or a piece of furniture with a few new tugs. Instead of buying new furniture, try giving your pieces a facelift with a coat of paint and new drawer pulls. Take a vintage table and make it modern with silver paint and shiny silver knobs or grab an old dresser, paint it white and add some fun butterfly knobs for a little girl’s room or try some horseshoe knobs to complete your little cowboy’s room. .

The selection of drawer pulls and other hardware is huge, especially when shopping online. Finding all the pulls you need has never been easier, whether you’re redoing all of your kitchen drawers or just a dresser from a flea market. Sure you can shop around, but you’ll have to deal with stores that don’t have the design you want or the correct sizes. All it takes is a few clicks and you’re on your way to updating a room or furniture to your specifications.

Copper, nickel, pewter, oil rubbed brass, clear, milky glass in a rainbow of jewel tones, animals, leaves and everything in between – these are just a few of the handle colors and varieties available. So whether you want to complement your decor with clean, crisp lines or the vintage appeal of a lion’s head, you’ll find it on a drawer pull.

When you close your eyes and imagine the house of your dreams, you probably see colors and furniture, a warm kitchen or a comfortable bedroom, but do you see the details? What is decorating the walls? Are there wooden floors? What makes the kitchen so warm and cozy? Is it the buttery yellow walls and white trim, the bright white round table that lights up the center of the room? Or is it the way the room is held together by the smallest details? The drawer pulls. They sure aren’t the most notable things, but if you really take your eye over these little decorative essentials, you’ll find that they’re the ones that tie the room together. Sure, you touch them every day to take something out or put something away, but these little works of art deserve recognition for being the glue that holds your decor together.

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