How Much is Student Accommodation in London?

“London is one of the most popular destinations for international students. With its world-renowned universities and vibrant culture, it’s no surprise that so many students choose to study in the city. However, one of the biggest challenges for students is finding affordable accommodation. In this article, we’ll explore how much student accommodation in London costs and what factors can affect the price.

The Cost of Student Accommodation in London

The cost of London student accommodation can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. According to a recent survey by Save the Student, the average cost of student accommodation in London is £182 per week. However, this figure can be much higher or lower depending on the location, type of accommodation, and other factors.

For example, if you’re looking for a room in a shared house or flat, you can expect to pay anywhere from £100 to £250 per week. If you’re looking for a studio or one-bedroom apartment, the cost can be even higher, ranging from £200 to £500 per week. On-campus accommodation is often cheaper, with prices ranging from £100 to £200 per week.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Student Accommodation in London

Location is one of the biggest factors that can affect the cost of student accommodation London. Accommodation in central London is generally more expensive than in the suburbs or outer areas of the city. For example, a room in a shared house in Camden or Islington can cost around £200 per week, while a similar room in Croydon or Barking can cost as little as £100 per week.

The type of accommodation you choose can also affect the cost. As mentioned earlier, a studio or one-bedroom apartment is generally more expensive than a room in a shared house or flat. However, if you’re willing to share a room with another student, you can save a lot of money on rent.

Another factor that can affect the cost of student accommodation in London is the facilities and amenities that are included. For example, some accommodation may include utilities such as electricity, water, and internet, while others may require you to pay for these separately. Accommodation with additional facilities such as a gym, laundry room, or communal lounge may also be more expensive.

Tips for Finding Affordable Student Accommodation in London

Finding affordable student accommodation in London can be a challenge, but there are a few tips that can help you save money:

Start your search early: The earlier you start looking for accommodation, the more options you’ll have and the better chance you’ll have of finding something affordable.

Quality student accommodation addresses the mental and physical well-being of students. Well-maintained living spaces with adequate natural light, ventilation, and comfortable amenities promote a healthy lifestyle. Facilities such as gyms, sports courts, and recreational areas encourage physical activity, reducing stress levels and improving overall well-being. Additionally, access to mental health services and counseling support within student accommodation facilities ensures students have the necessary resources to cope with the challenges of college life.

Consider sharing a room: Sharing a room with another student can significantly reduce your rent costs.

Look for accommodation in the suburbs: Accommodation in the suburbs or outer areas of London is generally cheaper than in central London.

Check out on-campus accommodation: On-campus accommodation is often cheaper than private accommodation, and it can also be more convenient.

Use online resources: There are many websites and apps that can help you find affordable student accommodation in London, such as SpareRoom, Zoopla, and Rightmove.


Student accommodation in London can be expensive, but with some research and planning, it’s possible to find something affordable. Remember to consider factors such as location, type of accommodation, and facilities when searching for accommodation, and don’t be afraid to explore different options. With a little bit of effort, you can find a comfortable and affordable place to call home during your studies in London.”

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