How to be attractive at 50

Did you just celebrate your 50th birthday? Congratulations! You are now in your 50s. A completely different world of internet dating and dating sites has opened up for you.

When you’re “single and looking” in your 50s, many of the same dating etiquette rules and guidelines apply to older love as when you were younger. One of them is that, whether you are a mature man or a woman, you want to look your best.

The problem is, when you’re 25, all you need to do is get out of bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, and comb your hair, and you’ll look amazing. Now that you are single and in your 50s, you can still look great and be attractive. It’s just that now in your 50s to be attractive, you need to apply a little more concerted effort.

First of all, good basic preparation still applies. Yes, that means showering and shaving.

For gentlemen of 50 years:

A number of men in their 50s often want to skip shaving at least a few days a week. A small stubble can be attractive to a man in his 50s. However, gentlemen, talk to your hairdresser and make sure you groom your stubble It could grow unevenly. You can sport a trendy stubble look, just keep it trimmed and neat.

Second, try some aftershave to find out what you like. Some men can wear just a hint of a masculine scent simply by wearing a scented deodorant. When it comes to scents, just remember, less is more. Keep it light.

Lastly, dress up a bit when you go on a date. Women still love it when a man wears a navy blue blazer. Sure, you can be casual in the modern age of digital dating and just pair it with an open collar shirt. If the occasion is a little more dressy, then plan on wearing a tie as well. She will love it. If the situation is more casual, a nice, clean tropical print shirt that isn’t too colorful may be fine. It depends on where you live in the country.

For the ladies of 50 years:

Ladies, you should consider some of the same ideas. Keep your personal grooming standards high. Some of you may have attracted your first husband in your 20s without ever wearing makeup. However, now that she is in her 50s, she would likely benefit from wearing a little light makeup.

Before you head to the makeup area department, keep it simple and light. Stop by the local pharmacy first. Try a light powder foundation combined with a bit of mascara to enhance your eyes. Add some lip color, either in a tinted lip gloss or sheer lipstick.

When it comes to how you dress, a cute pair of jeans paired with heels is a fun and girly look. Men still love to see women in a skirt or dress, so wear them when you can. Once you look great, you’ll be flirting with older men who show up at coffee shops and the bagel shop for lunch.

Once you’re flirting, go ahead and ask for the date! Now that you’re being attractive after 50, the dates are sure to line up. What are the mature dating challenges you are encountering? Where do you want help? Hit the comments section here, and I’ll be sure to address them in future articles.

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