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How to remodel the walls of your mobile home

Owning a mobile home these days makes good economic sense in this time of global crisis. With a proper plan and careful study, you can transform it to look like any other stick-built house and worth your investment.

One minor change that could make a big difference is modifying the wall of your mobile home. The wall of a mobile home is usually structured with partition strips. There are so many cool things you can do with these walls to make it look amazing.

There are three popular ways to modify the walls of your mobile home with a faded vinyl printed face.

Remove the strips and paint it.

One way is to remove the tack strips. Fill seams with flexible caulk and then with joint compound. This could be a messy, dusty job, but the results would be worth it. Sand the walls. Then coat them with a solvent-based primer. Vinyl drywall is usually attached to a substrate, usually plywood. It can be primed with a quality acrylic primer. This will hold and stick very well making the latex paint stick better. Use a small paint roller and leave a few strips in the corner for protection. You can further change the trim to white to include your kitchen cabinets and fireplace for an airy feel to your room.

Use textured wallpaper

A less expensive way is to switch to textured wallpaper as follows: Leave the strips and tape them down. Tape your walls down and select the thickest wallpaper you can, so that it covers the uneven part of the wall panel. A textured wallpaper covering is the best option because it is easier and less dusty to install. Choose a suitable smoothing tool to remove the bubbles to make it visually appealing.

wood panels

A big advantage of wooden panels is that if there is any damage, you can easily replace it with new ones. It’s easier to find similar wood paneling to match the walls. Also, when you want a noticeable change but don’t want to remove them and replace them with drywall, you can paint them. The gaps in the panels can be filled with drywall compound. Once the compound is dry it is sanded smooth and then wiped clean. A coat of primer is needed to cover dark wood paneling before applying your preferred paint color. Many people have had success remodeling mobile home walls using this method.

Carefully consider what option you would take to modify your mobile home to fit your style. Decide on an option that will make you enjoy living in it not only now but also in the coming years.

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