Ignore the hottest toy lists when shopping for kids’ Christmas

All parents want to give their children a special Christmas gift; one that will brighten their eyes and make them super happy. How do you choose a gift like this? Most of the time, young children want something they can play with. They are not so interested in clothes, books, treats or practical gifts. Toys are your best option. However, is it necessary to buy the best-selling toys?

As Christmas approaches, you can see people creating lists of the 10 best-selling toys. Why would people use these lists as a guide for holiday shopping?

  • They are popular. So you assume your kid will like it too.
  • Easy peasy. Do not have to think so much about what you are going to achieve. Just get what everyone else gets.
  • You want to keep up with the current trend.
  • You want to give your child the best.

However, I am here to tell you that it is not necessary to get the best selling toys for your children. Below are suggestions that make better Christmas shopping guides than other people’s top 10 lists.

  • What are your children interested in? Are they dinosaurs, trucks, soldiers, princesses, or Barbie dolls? Or maybe they like sports like basketball or soccer? Don’t forget movie and TV characters like Thomas the Tank, Bob the Builder, Barney, Disney princesses, Transformers, Spiderman and Ben 10. You can get a gift related to their interest.
  • What do you want them to get from the gift? Young children could benefit from educational toys. How about investing in toys that help your children’s development? Busy parents may want to consider toys that can keep their children busy for a while.
  • What is your wish? You can be very direct with children. Ask them what they want and they will gladly tell you. Most of the time, you don’t even have to ask. They will annoy you enough to make sure you know about it. They probably have their own list of 10 things they want for Christmas.
  • Expand on the things that are already playing.. For example, if your little girl likes to play with dolls, why not buy her a dollhouse? If your child likes to play with trains, why not buy a complete train set? A mini kitchen would be a wonderful “upgrade” for those who like to play with their collection of food and plastic utensils.
  • What is your budget? I think this is the deciding factor for most parents. There’s no point looking at the top 10 lists if you can’t afford it.

So, forget about the best-selling toys, the top 10 toys, or the most popular toys this Christmas. You don’t have to depend on other people to tell you what is best for your children. You decide what is the best Christmas gift for your children.

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