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Installation Instructions in a Cabinet Mounted Toaster Oven

These instructions are based on the Black and Decker SpaceMaker toaster oven. A different brand may vary a bit on how to install.

First, unpack the mounting washers, screws, and spacers for mounting, making sure everything is there, and set them aside in a safe place where they won’t move or get lost. A pattern paper called a template is included.

When choosing the location, make sure it is within reach of a power outlet. The cable provided is a short cable. Do not mount it on any other heating or kitchen appliance or on the sink. Do not place it under, in front of, or behind cabinet lights. And also, make sure it is at least 4 inches away from any wall or surface.

To get started, you need to determine if your cabinet has a flat bottom or an overhang. Put your hand under the cabinet and feel if the bottom is flush with the front of the cabinet or if you have to reach out to touch the bottom.

The toaster oven hood / baffle is removable for easy installation. Remove it by pulling slightly forward on the hood to release the front hooks. Once the front hooks are released, the rear hooks will disengage easily.

1. Open cabinets and remove contents to facilitate assembly.

2. Place the mounting template on the bottom of your cabinet, making sure to align the thick line on the template with the front edge of your cabinet, gluing it firmly. Verify that the screw holes do not align with the partition inside the cabinet.

If the cabinet has an overhang, measure the depth or thickness of the overhang and find the dashed line on the template that is the same measurement. This is the line to use for that cabinet, lining it up with the front and carefully folding it around the overhang, taping it as you do so. Continue to hold it against the cabinet and finish attaching and gluing it in place.

3. Drill from under cabinet up, punch holes through the 4 marked locations on the template, using a ¼-inch drill bit making sure to drill up through the mark on the template and not at an angle. SAFETY TIP: Wear safety glasses.

4. After drilling the holes, carefully remove the mounting template in case you move or want to remount at a later time.

5. Clean dust and dirt inside the cabinet and the bottom underneath.

6. Place the washer inside the cabinet over each of the 4 holes you drilled.

7. Hold the hood in place, aligning the front of the hood with the front edge of the cabinet; The drilled holes in the cabinet should line up with the mounting holes in the hood.

8. Insert the screws through the holes inside the cabinet and tighten them in place to secure the cover to the cabinet. If the cabinet has an overhang, measure the distance to the bottom of the cabinet and use the number of spacers needed to equal that distance. For example, if the protrusion measures 1 “to the bottom of the cabinet, then two ½-inch spacers are needed on each screw to keep the assembled toaster oven level and uniform.

Note: Always tighten the screws to ensure that the appliance does not move or shake during operation.

Once the hood is secured, lift the toaster oven, hooking the rear hooks on the hood first and then on the front. Any additional cables can be hung over the cable management hook behind the unit.

If you are doing the spacer installation, you will probably need someone to help you hold the spacers in place while you are placing the hood. You may be able to use a pair of clamps that are in the front if there is no one to help you. Aside from having clamps or someone to help you, maybe you can think of something creative to solve that.

Now is the time to place the toaster oven in the hood and then wash the toaster parts, inside and out of the oven. Plug it in and start cooking and toasting.

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