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Losing weight with the Subway diet: is it possible?

Have you ever wished you could get rid of your spare tire? Do you want to lose weight without the dangers of diet pills? Try to lose weight with the subway diet!

First of all, what is the Subway diet? Do you know who Jared Fogle is? Well, here are the facts. Jared Fogle is a 26-year-old man better known as “The Subway Guy” for the brand of sandwiches he ate that helped him lose around 245 pounds in a year. Amazing?

Six years ago, Jared Fogle was your average junior at Indiana University. The unusual fact about Jared is that he weighed a staggering 425 pounds. Growing up in Indianapolis, Jared was the only person in his family with a serious weight problem. Surprisingly, this weight problem was solved with a diet called the Subway diet. The Subway diet consists of replacing two meals a day with sandwiches from the Subway restaurant chain.

How does the Subway diet work? Before you try to lose weight on the subway diet, here’s how it works.

1. Calories controlled

Portion control and low fat are the latest secrets to Jared’s “Subway Diet.” The Subway Outlets have 7 varieties of sandwiches with less than 6 grams of fat. For example, Jared had a 6″ turkey sub and a bag of baked potatoes for lunch and a 12″ vegetable sub for dinner, with extra vegetables and no cheese, oil, or even mayonnaise. The number of calories per day totaled around 1,000, which is a huge improvement. The convenience of a Subway restaurant right next to his apartment also made it easy for him to choose his well-advertised low-fat sandwiches. As he lost weight, he stuck with the ones that worked.

2. Walk and exercise

At 425 pounds, Jared was truly a stranger to working out. When he dropped to 300 pounds, he started walking instead of taking the bus to increase his calorie burn. Then he even started walking wherever he wanted to go, going about a mile and a half a day.

The Subway diet proves that everyone can lose weight if we are willing to do our best. From the diet we can see that calorie control and the presence of exercise are essential for a person to lose weight. This does not mean that losing weight with the Subway diet is the only way, but the success of this diet shows that losing weight is not that difficult.

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