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make ice at home

We all enjoy a fun gathering or party where you invite your friends or family over to your home. It’s great to have company on the weekend to relax and unwind together. With that, you have to attend to the food, so a braai is usually the easiest solution. And, of course, drinks are the order of the day in this type of meeting. For that, you need to have enough ice on hand.

Many people choose to buy ice from a store so they can get a few bags of ice, but then they will need to keep it frozen in a freezer. If you don’t have a large freezer, you need to get creative and keep it frozen as long as possible so it will last all night or until your guests go home. If you are one of those who have guests who visit your home very frequently, then it might be worth buying an ice machine. With an ice machine you can make ice on demand so you always have enough available for your guests. No need to go to the store for ice packs when you can simply make it at home.

For home use, opting for a unit that is small enough to fit in your kitchen is ideal. A commercial ice maker may be too big for your kitchen, but you get smaller versions that are suitable for home use. The TC180 Ice Dispenser is an excellent choice due to its size. It’s only 15 inches wide, making it a bit wider than a ruler. It’s 26.3 inches deep, so it could slide next to a standard cabinet or fit nicely on a countertop. It is just under a meter tall at about 88 centimeters and you can adjust the height of the legs a bit higher or lower. What makes this catering equipment beneficial for home users is that it has a storage capacity of 5 kilograms. This built-in storage facility means you don’t need to dispense the ice into a separate bag or container to keep it frozen in your home freezer.

It makes small cubes that weigh about 1 gram, which is great for any kind of drink you serve to your guests. If you are having a big party for your birthday or special occasion, you can rest assured that this ice machine can produce about 300 pounds in a 24-hour period. There will be enough buckets for your guests throughout the day or night. In order for this unit to do this, it requires a permanent water supply and drainage area. So be prepared for this when you install it. Most importantly, enjoy the frozen drinks and relax with your friends and family.

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