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Makeup tips to hide wrinkles at 40

As you enter your 40s, your skin is the first thing that will betray your age, no matter how hard you try to stay young. Your skin is sure to lose its elasticity and glow as the skin cells weaken; it will start to sag and wrinkle sometime during your fourth decade, especially if you are thin. Even if there is nothing you can do to reverse the early signs of aging, you can definitely hide them very successfully. The following makeup tips will allow you to look your best by helping to cover your wrinkles:

1. Avoid using foundation as much as possible as it will only settle into your wrinkles and make them more prominent. It is best to use a tinted moisturizer to hide skin blemishes. If any part of your face needs additional coverage, a very light foundation will suffice. However, it is better to go for darker shades rather than lighter ones to hide wrinkles.

2. Do not apply powder to your skin under any circumstances as it will make it look dull and highlight wrinkles. In fact, you should always go for creams over powders when it comes to all your makeup, including blush and eyeshadow.

3. Make your skin look smoother by applying moisturizer before using any other products. Moisturizing cream will not only temporarily fill in your wrinkles, but it will also make your skin look bright and youthful.

4. Use a highlighter pen to cover the wrinkles on your face. It can be used to hide frown lines and crow’s feet just as easily. It is also very effective in covering wrinkled and discolored skin under the eyes.

5. Highlight your eyes to draw attention away from other parts of your face. Apply eye makeup with a deft hand and keep it light or the effect will age unintentionally. Do not forget to fix your eyebrows well.

You will be able to erase years from your age if you can successfully hide your wrinkles. Also, you should use the bright lipstick to make your lips look fuller. You should also get a good hairstyle that will help you look younger than your age. In fact, these tips will allow you to stay young for as long as possible without resorting to surgical treatments.

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