The cool ghoul

The Cool Ghoul from Northeast Ohio was played by George Cavender. The show was popular in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s and appeared on several stations in the area. The first was WJAN-TV 17 in Canton, Ohio, WOAC-TV 67, and in Cleveland on WOIO-TV 19. George had been a fan of classic horror movies ever since his father brought home […]

Bermuda Cruise – Enjoy cruising at its finest!

Unforgettable Bermuda Cruises As with all cruises, your cruise to Bermuda will be your home base. Your accommodations become your hotel room or residence, and the ship’s dining room serves as your cafeteria for meals. But unlike other cruise options that incessantly include days at sea as the ship transports its passengers from one location to another, with most stops […]

Unknown facts about Cuban athletes

DID YOU KNOW… Taismary Agüero was born and raised in Cuba before becoming a naturalized Italian citizen. She is one of the most famous volleyball players of the 2000s. Led by Taismary Agüero, Cuba won the gold medal in volleyball at the 2000 Olympics in Australia. However, she escaped to Italy in 2001 and, after earning a call-up to the […]

Spice up your kitchen – Spanish style

Spanish kitchens are very dramatic and convey a sense of closeness, especially if there are many loved ones nearby. There are several ways to explore your creativity when designing in the Spanish style. You have the opportunity to work with different colors and materials, so feel free to choose and do what best suits your home and interest. Furniture, Countertops […]

Connectors for electric vehicles

Green is no longer just a color; is a movement rooted in environmentalism and sustainability. As people around the world realized that we must protect the planet if we want it to stay healthy and beautiful for future generations, more and more products entered the market to fuel the green movement. Electric cars are one such development, offering consumers the […]

Fun board game with the family

Many homes follow the tradition of having a family game night. It’s getting harder and harder these days to spend time as a family with everyone on the go every minute of the day. For those people who can’t find time to spend with family, family board games are a blessing in disguise. Whether it’s adults or children, family games […]