Interviews: it’s like dating, you need to date

Whether it’s an interview or a first date, you’re probably wondering what questions to ask, what are they going to do to me, HOW am I going to answer your questions, what if I CANNOT answer your questions and freeze on the spot? First, Take it easy… If you are just beginning the interview process, you are already ahead of […]

A new market looms for the new hybrid SUV car

Most manufacturers were hoping to hit gold with the new car-SUV hybrid, and she couldn’t see herself driving a minivan. So Dr. Melissa Sundermann ended up with a type of vehicle that most automakers rely on for sales growth: a crossover. Built on the foundations of automobiles, but with many attributes of SUVs, crossover utility vehicles have seen explosive growth […]

Top 10 books, from babies to young readers

As a mother and avid reader, I firmly believe in reading with your children regardless of their age. I also believe that books are the perfect gift for anyone, regardless of age. I started reading to my children when they were only a few months old. My oldest son is 12 years old and his thirst for knowledge and love […]

Propp’s fairy tale features and fantasy role-playing game

Propp was one of the most brilliant folklorists of all time, very knowledgeable about fairy tales, their meanings and especially their narrative structures. As people during his time tried to classify stories by key features and elements, something that led to hundreds of story types, Propp felt it would make more sense to examine story structure based on functions. In […]

Let Your Body Speak Through Nutritional Response Testing

At its most basic definition, nutritional response tests are a professionally administered battery of tests that seek answers to health and ailment questions through the body’s central nervous system. By manipulating the body through individual positioning, movements, and other manipulative techniques, the practitioner can record the nervous responses and draw certain conclusions from them. Each answer is associated with a […]