Winning the Kentucky Derby horse racing system

If you’re looking for a great angle for the Kentucky Derby, you’ve found it. This simple tip can earn you a lot of money. It has worked quite well over the years and we are hoping it will work again this year. Why? Because this is the year the Kentucky Derby (in our opinion) doesn’t have a really standout horse. […]

How to Run a Restaurant: Labor Cost

Awareness of labor costs Controlling your labor cost is one of the most important factors in running your business. Chances are, if you don’t monitor your work, you will most likely lose income. What is the principal cost? Principal cost is the total cost of goods sold, the gross labor cost of all your employees, which includes payroll, payroll taxes, […]

Basics of becoming an online merchant

Online sales are on the rise due to the changing shopping habits of today’s consumers, those under 30 who were entering their teens or just graduated from college when the Internet flourished in the mid-1990s. This is the generation that spends most of their time reading and posting Twitpics, shout-outs, reposts or jejespeak on their FB, Flickr, Tumblr and Blogspot […]

Seven legal reasons to register your trademark

Your brand matters. After all, your brand is who you are, THAT you do it, and WHY you do it. Remember: people are loyal to brands, not products. Trademarks protect trademarks. They are the foundation of any successful brand. That is why it is important to register your trademark. The best way to protect your brand is with a Federal […]

Best mileage SUV

Advances in technology have allowed automakers to design SUVs that use less fuel than their predecessors. Better gas mileage has brought hope to many people as they will be able to afford and drive an SUV, especially in the current economic crisis. Below are reviews of two of the best-mileage SUV models available, the 2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the […]

H2H – Person-to-person social selling strategies

Many sales and marketing professionals today have been delighted and persuaded to believe that success in today’s hyper-competitive business climate relies on the number of digitized B2B or B2C contacts you have. Successful sales and marketing are simply not defined by the large number of Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, Facebook likes, and Instagram followers one has. Feeding these supposedly “must-do” […]

Boat cleaning chores for your kids to help

Owning a boat should be a family affair. After all, you most likely spend a lot of family time in your favorite body of water, so it is important that you involve your children in all aspects of your family’s boating experience. That is why you should have your children help you with cleaning your boat. In this way they […]