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String Outdoor Tree Lights

Ask anyone if they recognize what tree lights are and you’ll probably get one of many answers. Ok, that’s not reliable. In all probability it will generate an answer among numerous possibilities. Most people exclusively think of tree lights as something to put up for Christmas, it’s just that outdoor tree lights really do cover many different methods of outdoor landscape lighting that make the most of the beauty and convenience of your home. the trees

Having already mentioned Christmas tree lights, we can also talk a bit about that concept. An obvious note is that stringing lights on a tree is not unique to Christmas. If you have revealed dining or patronizing in a fancy plaza, you may have had the joy of coming across beautiful white lights strung in the trees. A hotel adjacent to my residence maintains lights in the trees on its beautifully landscaped property throughout the year.

Assuming the use of white lights, the result is peaceful and calming. Colored lights arouse more whimsical or festive modes. For home landscaping efforts, I am an advocate of class and nuance and would fully recommend using small white lights. The choice of colors will work well for the holidays, but will certainly result in a circus feel the rest of the year. But, if a tropical beach bar vibe is your goal, you could manage.

In addition to envisioning a calmer expression, it’s also crucial to recognize that it takes a bit of artistry to string lights onto trees. It’s one of those things where an excess balance is not a worthwhile matter. If you fail to acquaint yourself with a bit of randomness in your stringing efforts, you end up with an eerily hokey look. The design becomes excessively apparent and takes away from the results. Have you ever noticed how rare straight lines are on trees? Too low a number of lights will also complicate things, making it obvious that they are on a thread. If you don’t wind up an attractive Christmas tree but once a year, chances are good that you’re also struggling to do it right in your garden.

That’s not to say that intentional artificiality is always a heinous business. A lot of master landscape lighting installers will attempt, at the request of a client, some pretty unusual things. Their experience allows them to accomplish what most of us would just screw up terribly. It may be a bit old-fashioned, but I’ll always go for the “natural” feeling (there’s really nothing natural about a thousand lights on a tree, but you get the point) that seems to mimic a thousand insects on the branches.

Placing exterior tree lights on your trees differs from other exterior tree lighting processes in two basic ways; it’s easily the most intense and difficult time to pull off and it’s the most frustrating to keep up with. Trees are just stationary things. They develop, have leaves, drop leaves, and their branches break. All this can lead to alterations and problems in your lighting. Only tackle this outdoor tree lighting trend when you are ready to commit to the challenge of regularly maintaining your business and if you have fairly small trees. Otherwise, hire the professionals.

As much as I enjoy using outdoor string lights in trees, this technique isn’t really what I dream of when I think of outdoor tree lights. With string lights, the lights are the added focal point; apart from the tree. They may show part of the frame or anatomical structure of a tree, but the lights are really the main draw. Additional methods in which outdoor tree lights are applied make the tree a central focus or use it as an anchor point to illuminate other objects in the spotlight. Moonlighting takes full advantage of a tree’s internal structure to paint the ground with cloudy shadows. Up lighting shows off the wonder of the tree itself and casts a reverberated light onto the ground below. Or lights possibly mounted on the tree to light down other garden features.

Each process warrants its own item and I’d absorb this one for longer than designated, but I hope the theme you’re pursuing is that you’re not just tied to strings for your exterior tree lights. Although it is an absolutely satisfying process, lighting trees with ropes requires a lot of work and care. Effects can be worth the boost, as long as it’s done correctly. But if you’ve never installed lights like this before, be prepared to rebuild and reset your first time several times before you get a favorable end result*. If that sounds like too much of a challenge, look into alternative landscaping lights or hire masters to save you the worry.

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