The greatest gift in existence

Knowing how to completely fail and succeed anyway is the greatest gift existence has to offer. You may or may not agree with me, but the annals of objective reality do. “Lucky Drifting into Success” or succeeding the first time without trying is the devil’s game of genuine life: that devil apparently has many forms, but he is a devil unified by the very concept of luck, especially luck in the beginning. , “dumb luck” and “it just turned out to be”.

In fact, without skill, permanent and repeatable success will not happen. Genuinely depending on luck, however justified it may be, the game is in the truest sense.

So, I will dare to say this: all addiction to gambling, drugs, alcohol, vice, scared robbery and everything negative in life comes down to looking for the genuinely undeserved “thrill” or the “high” of the laziness “that works” or succeeding in the absence of skill and earned effort. Therefore, the greatest gift there is is understanding, skill, and the ability not to let go or depend on luck entirely without acquired skills.

The biggest loss, then, is being too lazy to develop the necessary skill and competence that hard earned, consistent and realistic effort brings.

We all want “the prize”, but are we willing to do the work to make “the prize” permanent rather than relying on luck and the genuine game of temporary success at first or something unique? Always, that question haunts my mind about Mastery in reality. Always, I think of the preparation that requires constant and permanent mastery, and the skill that it would take to live a competent eternity. in reality.

The worst words one can say, then, in my book is: “I’m willing to bet on it.” I prefer the reality of the skill of certainty about the game or to turn this around in a certain way in an old Billie Holliday song: “God bless the boy who has his own.” What I think a person with their own could be a fully developed ability to win rather than relying on luck, gambling, drifting winnings, and chance. “It just happened that” is not a good excuse anyway, successful or not. “It just happened that” is one of the last excuses for drifting, gambling, luck, and not being able to succeed again. To go beyond all of that, build the skill, the certainty, and most of all, get the job done, pay the fees, and do it really well! The only way to go if you want to win Really.

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