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Tips for Mixing and Matching Ivory Dresses with Color Accents

White is really a clean canvas. While we refer to white as a color, it is actually the absence of all color, not even a tinge of color. So white contrasts beautifully with all the colors of the rainbow, from sky blue to jet black. If the accent color for your wedding is bright orange, then there is no problem adding white tablecloths with orange flowers and orange sashes to white flower girl dresses. If your accent color goes from flaming orange to ice blue, you can still coordinate with white dresses.

However, ivory, only a few shades darker than white, is a color of many colors. Ivory can have shades of yellow, beige, gold, or peach. Ivory can be slightly champagne, very yellow, or mimic vanilla ice cream. Ivory is generally a warm color and can clash with some color palettes. Therefore, ivory is more difficult to accessorize with accent colors than its white sisters.

Today’s market for flower girl dresses, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and elegant dresses in general, is full of possibilities when it comes to color accents. Ivory colored dresses are available with a rainbow of sashes, rosettes, floral embellishments, and bows. Many styles allow you to choose from that rainbow to accessorize your flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Therefore, you could select dresses with an inappropriate accent color. Color combinations are not always made for you. Therefore, with the freedom of choice of color, you run the risk of a poor color choice. What if you want ivory for your flower girls? What to do then? How to match accent colors with ivory dresses tastefully?

First, when selecting your wedding or special event theme colors, carefully consider the color of the dress you are wearing (assuming you are the center of attention at this event, just like a bride). If ivory dresses are planned for your event, select accent colors carefully. If you have no idea what color of wedding dress or flower girl dresses you want, but you know that bright turquoise is your accent color, carefully select ivory dresses or white dresses considering your choice of accent color as well.

Ivory dresses generally don’t go well with tropical or neon colors. Avoid accents in these very bright color palettes for dresses. Examples of bright, neon, or tropical colors are: turquoise, hot pink, kiwi green, bright orange or tangerine, bright pinkish violets and violets. While the cousins ​​of all these colors exist in more subtle palettes, these very bright colors do not accentuate well with ivory dresses.

Ivory dresses will always look charming with pastel shades; traditional pinks, sage greens, baby blues and lilac colors. Ivory dresses also contrast beautifully with traditional, rich, dark colors like black, chocolate brown, navy, hunter green, deep plum, and burgundy.

While most jewel tones accentuate ivory well, such as ruby ​​red and emerald green, there are some jewel tones that are best paired with white and non-ivory dresses. These colors can be royal purple and royal blue.

The soft metallic accents in gold tones look lovely with the ivory dress. Carefully protect metallic silver accents with ivory dresses. The steely cool of silver can conflict with the soft, warm hues of many ivory dresses.

Again, keep your theme colors for weddings and special events in mind when deciding whether participating girls and women will wear ivory or white with accents of color. Ivory may require a bit more reflection on accent colors than white dresses. Still, the dresses will bring charm and warmth to your special event or wedding. It is worth making some considerations when combining color accents if your event is going to evoke a warm, traditional and romantic feel. Then ivory is a perfect match for your event.

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