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What is the best method to extract juice from celery?

Celery has become the latest health craze in nutrition, and people are concerned about its many benefits. There is absolutely nothing new about the health benefits of celery. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used celery and its juice for its medicinal value in their traditional medicines.

It is a highly nutritious vegetable with a range of nutrients and antioxidants that offers multiple health benefits to those who consume it. No wonder people wear it. Those who drink celery juice daily see a huge benefit in their overall health and energy levels. Celery tastes good both in its juice form and as part of a smoothie. You can increase the nutritional content of the juice by blending it with other fresh produce juices. Adding fruit makes it sweet and if for some reason you don’t prefer sweet things, you can add other vegetable juices or a slice of lemon or a pinch of ginger for a change.

Drink it every day and you’ll experience increased levels of energy and alertness.

The goal of juicing celery is to get the most nutrition. Also, if you’re drinking this every day, you’ll want to do it as conveniently as possible. As you know, celery is a tough, stringy vegetable that is extremely difficult to juice. A horizontal masticating juicer is the best option for handling this vegetable, and it’s even better if the machine has a celery attachment. The juice yield of these devices is good and so is the quality.

Juice extracted by juicer machines stores well in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours without loss of flavor or nutrition. The best machines for extracting any type of juice are of course the twin geared double gear juicers due to their slow method of juicing. But the machines are difficult to use for newbies in this field as they have a steep learning curve both in terms of assembling the juicer machine as well as the actual operation of the machine.

You can also use a blender but you will need to filter the pulp and it can be messy and the loss of nutrition from air and heat is higher in a blender. To get the highest nutritional content in celery juice and also for the highest juice yield, use a chewy juicer machine.

There are vertical and horizontal masticating juicers. Do not choose vertical machines if you plan to juice celery as they are very unsuitable for that purpose. Celery has long, tough fibers that form balls and will clog the small outlets to the pulp container. If you prefer a vertical masticating juicer for other reasons, simply chop the celery before feeding it through the juice feed tube to prevent clogging of the outlet or fibers from tangling on the augers.

What is the best celery juicer machine? If you want maximum nutrition with minimal loss from oxidation and heating, the best option for juicing celery is a double gear juicer, also known as a double gear juicer. But, on the downside, you’ll spend twice as much money on the juice. The price of the double gear juicer machine is higher compared to any other type of juicer machine.

Also, assembling and using them can seem overwhelming to a novice. If you’re just starting out in juicing, you may be better off with a less complicated, less expensive juicer machine that you’ll actually use. If you develop a passion for juicing then you might switch and buy a higher end dual gear machine. Horizontal chewing models are an excellent alternative to dual gear models as they are less complex to operate and provide great yields. There is no compromise on nutrition. The quality of the juice is high and the juice stores well in the refrigerator for 72 hours without loss of flavor or nutrition.

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