Why buy designer kitchen appliances?

Have you ever wanted to beautify your kitchen? In addition to completely renovating or buying expensive countertops, buying designer kitchen appliances can increase the style quotient of your kitchen. But then the question remains, why buy designer appliances when they do? exactly the same things as normal appliances? This notion is not true and designer appliances are much more than […]

Covered Combos Options: 3 Ways to Trade Covered Combos

A Covered Combo is built by combining two other separate and distinct strategies: the covered call and the strip option. You write, or sell, a call option against 100 shares you own (the covered purchase portion of the transaction) and receive cash (the premium) in exchange for giving someone else the right, but not the obligation, to buy his actions. […]

How to use songs to teach English

ESL teachers can use songs to teach English to their students with great success. ESL songs can bring energy to the classroom, increase student confidence, and provide a much-needed active learning experience for younger students who can easily become bored or distracted. They are great for adding motivation and excitement to your class routine! Integrating language through songs Children hear […]

Forgotten Kingdoms of Asia: The Kingdom of Queen Alli

After nearly a decade when I was traveling with the German Praktikum (internship) students through Elephants Pass, seeing the same lagoon I crossed at midnight surprised me how things were changing the world in an incredibly short time. As German students videotaped the lagoon, my mind recalled the once flourishing city of Nallur off the lagoon coast of Jaffna, which […]

Waterproofing Base: What Are Your Options?

If you are going to build a new house, you need to waterproof the foundation so you don’t have a wet basement in just a few years. There are different waterproofing products and systems on the market, so it can really get confusing. So what are your options? Here is a brief overview of the most common foundation waterproofing systems […]

Need for LA: Middle infielders need more than half a season to work together on a championship team

Across the baseball world, writers and experts applaud the Dodgers acquisitions. At the trade deadline, Los Angeles landed two veteran All-Stars to improve their midfielder, in the hope that this duo would lead last year’s National League champions to their first World Series title since 1986. Brian Dozier, who recently set a record for home runs by a second baseman, […]