How people get rich with leverage

Archimedes the Greek (who is often credited with discovering the principle of the lever) once said: “Give me a lift and a place to stand, and I could move the world.” He understood that a lever was a tool to multiply your strength beyond its natural limits. He also knew that the larger the lever, the greater the increase in […]

Hospice services

In this article, I will summarize the key points that my colleagues on the palliative care team and I have observed in our daily work. I have worked for 12 years as a spiritual counselor in palliative care. Each person teaches me something, even though I am supposed to minister to them in the final moments. For my colleagues and […]

Marketing solutions for dentists: 5 tips to get more patients

Dentists see themselves first and foremost as professionals performing an important public service: promoting positive dental health for the communities they serve. What they are traditionally not so good at is promoting themselves effectively. The reasons for this are many: Some dentists resist marketing because it seems somehow out of step with the Hippocratic Oath. Others support the idea of […]

New York sweaters you come back in

Home ownership is a relatively rare and peculiar thing in New York City. In a nation made up primarily of homeowners, the city stands out: More than two-thirds of its households are made up of those who rent, rather than own, their homes. The differences aren’t limited to ownership rates, either. Like the rest of the United States, New York […]

Real Estate Niche Marketing

When deciding how you will market your property, you will have several options to choose from. You can choose to market in a traditional sense to a broad audience, or you can choose to market to a specific group. It’s called niche marketing and the options are nearly endless. Niche marketing allows you to be the expert and increase your […]