Contextual analysis of social networks in Uganda

Throughout the world, the use of social networks has become a tool for ‘insecurity’ and for generating social changes that lead to peace. Much of the impact was felt in the Arab world, and some in the West, caused by social economic discontent and mismanagement. Apart from North Africa, the rest of the continent was not affected. It has yet […]

Buy a repossessed property

I received an email today with questions and concerns about a foreclosure sale. Great questions, so I decided to post both the question and my answer below. What has been your experience with foreclosures? Karen, I have a question for you, I am not new to real estate investing, but I am new to the foreclosure auction process… there is […]

Competition in the mobile car wash industry

We have all seen the mobile washing units roaming our city, they are usually trucks, vans or trailers with a water tank and pressure washing unit on board. They market their services with flyers and business cards, however most of their business comes from weekly repeats and referrals. Some cities have hundreds of these units going around town cleaning things […]

Three Pitfalls of Owning a Timeshare

With the promise of lower vacation costs and owning your own property, we understand how easy it is to see timeshare ownership as a good investment. What vacationers love about timeshares is that they can easily choose a location, room size, and number of days to stay, but these features are also available when they sign up for a travel […]

Regulation of Alternative Investment Funds

What is an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) AIF is a privately pooled investment vehicle under the Alternative Investment Fund Regulations that raises funds from investors, whether Indian or foreign, to invest in accordance with a defined investment policy for the benefit of its investors. The AIF can take the form of a trust, partnership, limited liability company, or legal entity. […]

Can the rideshare industry reinvent itself?

It wasn’t that long ago that UBER came on the scene. Now, just ten years later, they are considering a possible valuation of 120 billion as an initial public offering. LYFT, another ride-sharing company that started in 2012, is now valued at $15.1 billion seven years later. Ride-sharing companies like Uber and LYFT were born out of the technological boom […]

Search Engine History: Web Search Before Google

Did Google always dominate the web search market? In the second of three posts on the history of search engines, I take a look at the pioneers of the early search market, including the first web crawler, WWW Wanderer. Did you know that Disney used to be one of the biggest players in the business? Or that Altavista was technically […]

Ghana Life: a house in Kumasi

Since Ghana became independent in 1957, its population has grown rapidly. First measured in 1960 at 6.7 million, by December 2013 it had reached 25 million. This rate of population growth, combined with the inevitable urban drift in developing economies, has had the effect of increasing the cost of land and housing in all urban areas and especially in the […]

6 tips for renting a van

What do you want to do with a rented van? Do you want to go on a road trip or do you want to go on a business trip? Whatever your needs, renting a good van is a very affordable and comfortable option. Here are some tips that can help you rent a van. 1. Make a plan Before looking […]