The Best Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas

Best Bathroom Tile Designs The tile you choose for your bathroom can have a huge impact on the room’s style and design. Whether you opt for simple subway tiles that will never go out of style or try something more bold, there are a ton of different options to consider. Colorful tile adds personality to a space, while patterns evoke […]

Types and styles of construction in Mombasa

Dating back over 3,000 years, the city of Mombasa has come into contact with numerous local and foreign cultures that have significantly influenced all social, economic, political and cultural aspects of life here. As a result, these influences are evident in the way buildings and structures are planned, designed, and constructed. Although a large modern city, Mombasa has yet to […]

Century 21 Logo – Functionality in Logo Design

If you’ve been searching the wonderful world of the web to get a little insight into the entire field of logo design, you might find yourself a bit dazed and confused. You know that logos are meant to capture and represent the heart and soul of your business and its products and services. Your company image should be attractive and […]

Inside Tiny Houses – Are you ready?

Mr. Jay Shafer is the genius responsible for coming up with the idea for Tiny Houses! His company, known as Tumbleweed, is part of the tiny house movement. In 2002, he co-founded the Small House Society in Iowa City, Iowa. In 2003, he was commissioned by Gregory Paul Johnson to build The Mobile Hermitage, which became one of Tumbleweed’s first […]