real estate postcard merchandising; Million dollar mail

Real estate postcard marketing is an underused real estate marketing strategy known to many, but used by few. The proof? How many agents do you know who market real estate with postcards? Not many, that’s what I thought! However, those who do maintain high visibility with their prospects. From helpful tips to delicious recipes, personalized real estate marketing postcards can […]

Creating Cash Flow Without Cash – Formula 5 "flipping paper"

You’ve heard of flipping houses, haven’t you? This has become very well known in recent years, mainly due to the many real estate “gurus” teaching seminars, writing books, selling tapes, etc. There have even been some bad connotations of various forms of government; Mainly because they don’t understand it, instead they believe and do what the banking industry tells them […]

Basic Services Checklist

It may seem obvious, but tidying up utilities is a task that’s often forgotten amid all the fuss of packing up and removing furniture. Imagine finally moving the last box or piece of furniture into the house, firing the movers, and then trying to sit down for a well-deserved cup of tea only to discover that you haven’t fixed the […]

How to find property boundaries for your land

As a landowner, knowing where your property lines are located is one of the best ways to avoid disputes with your neighbors. Property boundaries, or boundary lines, are the defined points where one owner’s land ends and neighboring property begins. A property owner uses boundary lines to determine where they can legally place items like fences, driveways, outbuildings like pole […]

City Deals to Cincinnati Apartment Residents

Cincinnati has a lot to offer the people who live in the city with a growing economy, educational facilities and residential tax reduction programs. However, before choosing to buy or rent apartments in Cincinnati, you should always try to make sure you get all the amenities you want at affordable prices. Thinking of moving to Cincinnati? This Ohio city has […]

Single, joint or multiple agency?

Many clients I meet at valuations know that they can use one or multiple real estate agents. They also know that using more than one agent could cost them more in fees. What they may not have considered is the fine print of each type of agreement or the relative merits of using one, two or many agents. Here’s our […]

Banks delay foreclosure auctions to avoid losses

Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments often make a mistake that, if not made, would allow them many more months to recover financially before losing their home. This mistake is when borrowers move out of their home before they are legally required to do so. And now, with the sharp rise in the foreclosure rate in recent years, […]

Home mortgage loans

Buying a home will be, for most people, the largest financial investment of their lives. Since 99% of us cannot afford to buy a house outright, we will need to obtain a mortgage loan from a bank or other financial institution. There are many mortgage options out there, and an inexperienced homebuyer can quickly become overwhelmed looking at hundreds of […]