A Complete Review of the Premonition Movie

Usually when Sheriff Reilly (Marc Macaulay) informs Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) of the death of her husband, Jim Hanson (Julian McMahon), then it would be the end of the story. However, Premonition (2007) is not a typical movie. It’s just the beginning of the movie. She remembers her wedding day as she looks at her wedding photo and falls asleep. […]

Tattoos: your health is at risk

Abstract The harmful side effects of tattoos are known, but are often ignored. Many simply assume that tattooing is safe due to its popularity. Others just don’t do their research before being injected with matrices, plastics, and paints. Many feel that since tattoo parlors are regulated, the ink should, but that is not true. Also present is the potential for […]

Safeguarding your mind

The biggest problem in our lives does not necessarily come from the situation we face, but from the way we think about them. We could choose to stay forever letting problems take over, dwell on it and become depressed, or we could take control of our minds and direct our thoughts towards positive things and for solutions to grow. Thinking […]

Trout Fishing: The Best Places to Fish in the High Sierra for a California Golden Icon

High Sierra Golden Trout Fishing One of the main factors in determining my backpacking destinations is fishing for golden trout. California golden trout was designated an official fish of the state of California in 1947. Hatchery-raised fish extended the range of golden trout to many high-altitude waters in the Sierra Nevadas and to other states as well. Invasive species introduction […]

Birthday cake alternatives

When thinking about birthdays, fun, gifts and cake are the three most important things that people ponder. The birthday cake is a particularly special tradition in many cultures, making it an integral part of any celebration. Cakes come in many shapes, sizes, and types, but some people find that there are an increasing number of restrictions on the type of […]