Makeup tips to hide wrinkles at 40

As you enter your 40s, your skin is the first thing that will betray your age, no matter how hard you try to stay young. Your skin is sure to lose its elasticity and glow as the skin cells weaken; it will start to sag and wrinkle sometime during your fourth decade, especially if you are thin. Even if there […]

How to sit like an alpha male

The best way to get girls to want you is to generate attraction. Women are attracted to different things than men. We like to see a girl with a nice firm butt, small waist, big eyes, etc. Women like to see a guy who seems to be in charge of the room. It’s not that girls are attracted to power. […]

Can salads cause weight gain?

Do you eat salads in an attempt to lose weight fast? Wondering why your weight loss isn’t as fast as it could be? Are the salads you’re eating as healthy as they could be? There is still today the misconception that all salads are healthy salads. Below are three “salad” based weight loss tips so you can be much better […]

Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day gifts

Valentine’s Day is dedicated to Valentine’s Day and is celebrated on February 14 of each year. Essentially, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. It is seen as an opportunity to show your love for the important people in your life. Valentine’s Day is generally seen as the day of lovers. However, the occasion is not just limited to romantic […]

barbecue wars

Okay, so here’s the deal. What kind of meat, what kind of sauce, what cooking method, what kind of wood or heat, and how it is served. Much to consider. And one thing’s for sure: We’re not talking about a backyard Weber grill here, folks. This is serious business, so let’s do it. In the South, especially North Carolina, the […]

Are Earth Moles Harmful to Humans?

Moles have no direct harm to human beings, rarely when a mole bites a person is when we can say that it has no direct harm to someone. Moles are also known to cause rabies, so if a person is bitten by a rabies-infected mole, it infects, the other ill effects that moles have on humans are not direct. Moles […]

Who uses Biafine cream emulsion and why?

Biafine cream is used by a large percentage of French people and its popularity is increasing throughout the world for its unique properties. The makers of Biafine claim that it has non-toxic ingredients and is therefore fine for people of all ages. It comes in the form of a cream emulsion, and its manufacturers claim that it can be used […]