The Astral Temple of Light

I will always remember the day I had the first of many subsequent experiences that would change my life forever. It seemed at the time as if this incredible shift in consciousness occurred in a matter of months. Now, however, I see that it has been building for years, and in truth, from the Soul’s perspective, it has been building […]

Jamaica: Stunning Jewel of the Caribbean

In the western Caribbean lies the stunning jewel that is Jamaica. The country is associated with beautiful sunsets, romantic beach getaways, and reggae music. This island nation is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world today. Tourism is one of the largest sources of income for the country. Jamaica is easy to reach by plane from anywhere […]

Eczema and diet: there is a connection

I’m not sure to what extent your eczema is related to your diet. Then try “The 10 Day Raw Plan.” For ten days, you will be asked to drastically increase the amount of raw food you eat daily. These foods have the ability to detoxify your body and remove waste stored in your system. The foods that you are asked […]

Standardized Recipe Guide

standardized recipe ideology A standardized recipe refers to a particular standard of using certain metrics in the kitchen: standard sizes, time, temperature, quantity, etc. Compliance with this rule generates uniformity in kitchen products, whether or not they are tangible or intangible. The idea of ​​a standardized recipe is definitely not foreign to many of us anymore. In fact, it has […]

Ginger and the candida diet

Ginger ale and gingerbread cookies are two things that probably come to mind when thinking about ginger. These are extremely tasty ways to consume ginger, however they are not the healthiest ways to consume it and consuming it in this way can be very problematic for those of us following the yeast infection diet to treat yeast infection. Candidiasis is […]

Online Weight Loss Programs – To Go or Not to Go

Nowadays we do everything online: we are shopping online, going out, reading books, studying and getting degrees, communicating with family, friends, universities through chats, emails, online calls, we are doing conferences and business meetings through via Skype and even watch TV online. It seems that our life is becoming more and more virtual. Fitness has also been organically integrated into […]

Information for backpackers in Bahrain

Population: 754,000 (UN, 2005) Capital: Manama Area: 717 square kilometers (277 square miles) Main language: Arabic Majority religion: Islam Life expectancy: 73 years (men), 76 years (women) (UN) Currency unit: 1 Bahraini dinar = 1000 fils The Kingdom of Bahrain is slowly unraveling its vision for the future, a vision for change by slowly and gently breaking down the barriers […]

Can my pet make me sick?

Can having a pet make me or my children sick? The answer to that question is “yes” and “no.” There is always the possibility and there are also ways to prevent problems. The best way to ensure that germs and/or bacteria are not transmitted is to practice good hygiene. Cleanliness seems to be the best prevention of common diseases. However, […]