When the fuel pumps leave the ghost

Driving down the freeway at 70 mph in your ’98 Bimmer, you notice a strange sound coming from somewhere under your car. Continue down the road for a few more miles before exiting and turning into your subdivision. The sound magically disappears and you dismiss it as something that must have wedged itself under your car and then got free. […]

Classic Games – Kaboom! The 10,000 Point Quest

One of my best video game memories is the Activision classic. kaboom! for the Atari 2600. Back in the days when the sheer lure of repetitive score-based games could hold your interest for hours on end, this was the top shelf for a tween like me. Current young gamers may have some exposure to the game, either through various Activision […]

Does chicken make your breasts bigger?

Chicken is believed to make the breasts grow larger. Chickens are sometimes injected with estrogens, which are the female hormones, so that they can grow larger at a faster rate. If you eat this type of chicken or eat the eggs of these chickens, you will notice an increase in your breasts, butt and thighs. This is because estrogen tends […]