Indian Gifts – Culturally Relevant and Meaningful

Indian Gifts – Culturally Relevant

Whether you want to show your Indian friends how much you care or simply want them to know that you are thinking about them, indian gifts are a great way to do so. Traditionally, gift giving in India is done to demonstrate your respect and appreciation for a person or event. While there are many different types of indian gifts that you can choose from, the best gifts to give are those that are culturally relevant and meaningful.

One of the most common indian gifts is a gift basket. These are usually filled with various food items that represent the country and culture that is being honored. For example, a vegetarian basket might include cranberry chevre with cinnamon, basiron pesto, kerrygold dubliner, artisan blistered virginia peanuts, trouvillais, and artichoke olive tapenade. This would be a perfect gift for an Indian friend that loves to cook or enjoys gourmet foods.

Another great Indian gift is a box of exotic tea or coffee. This can be one of the most popular gifts because it gives a taste of home for an individual that may not be able to get these products in their native country. The tea and coffee are often handcrafted, which is an added bonus to the gift. This type of indian gift is also a great way to show your respect for someone as it shows that you have taken the time to find something special just for them.

Indian Gifts – Culturally Relevant and Meaningful

A very traditional and meaningful gift is a set of bangles for a new bride or mother-in-law. Bangles are a symbol of marriage in India and it is important to keep the bangles on for as long as possible. This is a very special gift for a woman and it will definitely be appreciated.

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift, consider getting your Indian friends a personalized Bollywood caricature. This will make your friends laugh and feel like a star in their very own movie! It is a great gift for those that are Bollywood fans and will make them smile for days to come.

Lastly, one of the best Indian gifts is a book. This is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and to teach your friends about their culture. For instance, the book Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth is a cute and fun children’s book about the Hindu God Ganesha. It teaches children about his importance in Hinduism and is a great way to bring happiness into your friends’ lives!

Business gifts are not always appreciated in India because it is seen as bribery. However, if you must bring a gift, then try to stick with souvenirs and food items that are representative of your home country. Avoid any gifts that have meat or animal products in them as these are not viewed favorably by most people. Also, don’t wrap your gift in black or white as these are considered unlucky colors in India.

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