NCAA Football 07 Cheats and Codes for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

All impact players “in the zone”

Enter “ZoneOut” as the user profile name, and then select Practice mode. After the first play, all impact players will be “in the zone”.

Reggie bush

Successfully complete Dynasty mode with USC to unlock Reggie Bush as a historical player.

Cheat mode

On the Flag Collection screen, press Select, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat feature:

1st and 15 flags; opponent gains 15 yards for the first attempt: THANK YOU

2004 All-Americans Pennant (# 273): FUMBLE

Flashing pennant; Referee locates short ball for opponent: STOP

Boing pennant; opponent leaves more passes: SIGN UP

Crossed The Line Pennant: TIBURON

Cuffed Pennant (# 206): EA SPORTS

Additional credit flag; 4-point interceptions, 3-point sacks: TOUCHDOWN

Free play pennant; five casualties: IMPACT

Get Points When Your Player Gets Injured (# 211): HEISMAN

Enhance Capture Ability For A Game (# 208): IN THE ZONE

Increase Chance of Breaking Tackles in One Game (# 213): FREE

Increase DB’s chance of blocking catcher on line of scrimmage (# 227): DEFENSE

Increase the opponent’s fatigue for a game (# 212): GAME TIME

Increase the opponent’s fumbles for a game (# 205): WITH EA

Increase passing speed: ROTATION

Increase the wind in your direction on field goal attempts (# 229): SIDE LINE

Nike Magnigrip Gloves; increases the chances of interception of passes: HAND CHOSEN

Nike Pro Clothing; improves your quarterback’s passing accuracy for a game: NO SWEAT

Nike Speed ​​TD Shoes; increases the chances of receivers to burn coverage in depth: SPEED OF LIGHT

Quarterback Dud Pennant: ELITE 11

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