The Best Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas

Best Bathroom Tile Designs

The tile you choose for your bathroom can have a huge impact on the room’s style and design. Whether you opt for simple subway tiles that will never go out of style or try something more bold, there are a ton of different options to consider. Colorful tile adds personality to a space, while patterns evoke different design styles and tile layouts can make a bathroom feel bigger or smaller.

Luckily, reflooring your bathroom is one of the easier home renovation projects to tackle, which gives you the opportunity to experiment with many different tile designs. Here are some of our favorite bathroom tile ideas that range from classic to trendy. For a more modern bathroom tile idea, try covering the walls and ceiling with the same material. This shows off the texture and color of the material without overwhelming a small bathroom. In this design, pale terracotta tiles are used on both the walls and the ceiling to create a spa-like look. Dark fixtures and a blue glass backsplash provide contrast against the neutral tones of the tile.

Play with the shape of your tiles for an interesting effect. For example, this tiles design for bathroom uses a varying size of hexagonal tiles that combine to form a honeycomb pattern. The resulting design is both modern and playful, creating an eye-catching feature wall that’s easy to clean and hard to miss. Hexagonal tiles also work well as floor tiles in bathrooms, as they are durable and slip-resistant.

The Best Bathroom Tile Designs Ideas

Another way to introduce color into a bathroom is by using a tile layout that features alternating colors. In this design, the white tessellating triangles in the floor and shower are offset by the darker gray accent tile that fills the bathtub area. The result is a bold but sophisticated look that’s easy to maintain in a busy family bathroom.

The right tile can even turn a drab bathroom into a focal point. Here, a black and white graphic print works perfectly with the bold yellow wallpaper beyond the tilework to create a striking design that’s both contemporary and playful. Embrace a bolder color or pattern for your kids’ bathroom. This can be a great way to incorporate personality into a space that will adapt with your child’s changing tastes. You can use bright tile for a framed accent, stripe or backsplash in the shower, or paint your stairs with a fun color.

Large-format tiles are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms. This is because they provide a streamlined look and reduce grout lines, which are often more difficult to clean than narrower tiles. You can also get creative with a patterned tile or a colorful mosaic. This bathroom features a mix of geometric shapes that complements the floral prints in the wallpaper above it. Alternatively, you could opt for wood-look tiles that add warmth to a bathroom without sacrificing practicality. If you’re worried about the durability of a bold tile, vinyl is an excellent option. It’s hardwearing and comes in a wide variety of patterns that you can match with your other bathroom finishes.

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